Thursday, April 30, 2009

Rochdale Lib Dems: Lordy Lordy, There'll Be Some News Soon

Must confess I have a bit of a back-blog on Rochdale; including posts completely written but not published, posts almost there, posts sketched out and posts no-more-then-dreamt-up. Some are waiting for a new hook from the subject. Or for a related Diary piece to appear in some paper or other. Others simply waiting for their time to come.

Please, please, please informants and co-conspirators, do not despair. Your story tips and leaks WILL appear, soon as. Soon as they pass muster on the fact-checking. Or having passed, as soon as the time is right. Or as soon as I get round to them.

One example. I have a fully written post which started as a list of the twenty distinct questions I currently have under investigation regarding Rochdale Liberal Democrats. I have had to extend that to a Baker's Two Dozen.

And that's before Rochdale MBC cough up on the Freedom of Information requests.


Anonymous said...

I see Rowen's office is attacking the Government over the Ghurkas vote too.

This despite the fact that Rowen was not even at the vote. Here's his twit feed from earlier this week. (excellent spelling as usual)

I am in Strasbourg at the Coucnil of Europe but will be back on Thursday in time for the vote on MPs expenses
8:14 AM Apr 28th from web

Back from another trough-guzzling jolly to vote against his second job details having to be made public. Couldn't miss that, eh Paul?

Chris Paul said...

Who exactly pays the likes of Rowen for these Strasbourg trips? I've tried every permutation of search known to this blogger on the CoE site but cannot lay my hands on the expenses regime or the claims and declarations of Paul Rowen.

Does anyone know how that one works? I'm sure the people of Rochdale would like to know if Rowen is getting another different set of expenses that he isn't letting on about ...

Anonymous said...

I see Paul Rowen was making it back in time to vote on his 2nd home expenses.

If Paul Rowen just claimed a daily rate and if PR's attendance rate was anything like Cyril Smith's rare visits to Westminster then the taxpayer would be quids in.

How many paid staff does Paul Rowen employ again?