Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Shock Horror: Frank Field is a Miserable Old Bastard

"So what? We know that!" you're thinking. But when he has a blog funded by the taxpayers should he really be making party political capital on it?

Someone should complain about such strident and partisan content. Just as people did about Frank's political ally, the right-wing absurdist and attention seeker Nadine Dorries MP. I am still allowed to say that, right?

Having recently re-installed a comment facility Nadine's blog monkeys have still not removed the Portcullis from this section of the allegedly non-Taxpayer-funded part of her website.

Which is clearly now carrying Nadine and commenter smear stories, which no regard for the paradox of that.

Complaints about either Frank Field's despicable party political point scoring or Nadine's portcullis should be made initially to:
The Director of Finance and Administration, House of Commons

COSY IMAGE: Courtesy of Nadine's blog.


Obnoxio The Clown said...

Well, off you go then!

Oh, and don't forget a libel threat while you're about it!

Chris Paul said...

What are you on about? I make no "libel threat". Do you mean "legal threat"? I make none of they either.