Monday, April 06, 2009

SO-SO Tories: Prezza Haymaker on Chinless Wonder Hannan

John Prescott MP (top video) may have hardly heard of Daniel Hannan MEP (bottom video) before Desperate Dan started his mad ass attention seeking. But now John's overjoyed that this Godalming eminence grease - who bigged up Icelandic banks and their Tory go faster de-regulation before hypocritically attacking their Tory mess - is in the public view, showing the dark heart of the conservative party.

Dan supported Cam because his waters told him that despite pretending to be charming and caring Cam was and is as right wing Anti-Europe, Pro-Rich and Anti-Public services as he - Hannan of the Hype - is himself. Strangely enough LOL have been unable to find a picture of the pair of them together. Can any reader assist? Cam may consider that he needs to distance himself from his political heartland.

Danny Boy lays into the Tory-anathema that is our glorious National Health Service about five minutes in. Warning the USA against such civilisation and humanity.

The whole thing is Tory Bile at its brightest and best:


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Obnoxio The Clown said...

40,000 avoidable deaths per annum makes the NHS the biggest mass murderer in UK history.

Always impressed at how the left gets away with venerating its killers (Che, Stalin, Mao, NHS) because "their ideals were pure."

Still, keep on banging on about those nasty Tories if it makes you feel better.

Anonymous said...

of course, the Tory alternative - shitty for-profit private healthcare could kill even more- but at least the inmates would get chinz curtains and Sky TV.

look at private care homes for a glismpse at Camoron's Brave New Healthcare World.

Scary fuckers.