Tuesday, April 14, 2009

South Park Pastische: If You Like South Park and Vibrator-Gate ...

I've never really got into South Park. Profane. Loud. Silly. Sleazy. Like Damian McBride. And Paul Staines. And Derek Draper. But anyway, they seem to be unwittingly involved in a new guide to the coarse art of political blogging. Sixty seconds of sleaze. For the more academically inclined there are some critics notes that go with. The first link carries a heavy Parental Guidance, particularly for the leery (South Park) soundtrack.

The Daily Quail by the way has excellent taste in Blogger templates but is also rather profane and irreverent.

UPDATE Wed 00:07: There's not been much to laugh about in this "Red Rag" blog business but according to the Times, who slightly arms length their story with "the Times have been told" early doors, whoever registered the thing had the sort of sense of humour that Paul Staines aka Guido Fawkes would, you'd have thunk, appreciate.

The site cost just £8.99 to register - for two years - and registrant Ollie Cromwell's address was given as The House of Parliament etc etc.

Dave Cameron and his party, who have previously physically mis-used the same address for illicit partying and the like, are not seeing the funny side.

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