Friday, May 29, 2009

Cash For Questions: The Gal to Take Salford For Tories?

Bill Cash MP appears to be dropping the fact of his daughter Laetitia Cash's remarkable 2005 candidacy in Salford Central into explanatory media conversations.

Quite remarkable really that the former It Girl should have got more than 3,000 votes in the area.

Yet more remarkable that Bill Cash MP should seek to explain his flat rental payments to his daughter, or possibly to himself via his daughter, we're not quite following the detail in detail, for his flipping "second home" London flat, for one year only.

Because he says she didn't need the flat, being off fighting Hazel Blears for this Dirty Old Town on a daily basis. Night and day.

In fact "Tish" was nowhere to be seen in the **Itty City, busy sorting out her rather tortured social life. Ditching hubby one, winning custody of child one, wedding planning with hubby two, and cooking up child two to boot. In Salford we saw her not.

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Dick the Prick said...

His daughter's quite fit to be fair. However asked why he lived in clubs rather than his own flat, Cash said: “I just didn’t and that’s all there is to it. I was nomadic at the time. It was around the time I was moving between two places and I was moving around.”

So his lass got £15k from us in rent for a property that no one was living in but available to the family, she held it for 18 months and flogged it for a £50k profit - hokely dokely doo - all seems above board - can't possibly see what the fracas is about???

I guess, seriously, the £50k profit should be struck out of it - just a mealstrom of complication there with the inverse being what if it had lost £50k?? However, the fact that he had a more convenient flat, lived in clubs (single bloke eh - bohemian lifestyle??) and also gave his lassy £1200 nicker per month - well, 't'wud appear to be 2 troughers for the price of 1 - quite a bargain.

You know i'm proper Tory Chris? This is completely non-partisan for me - my instincts on this whole thing are value for money based and hopefully balanced. I hope so - i'd like to think all outcomes are fair; namely, if they're guilty, they're gone.

OT - Had a phone call from a 64 year old lady recently returned from Zimbabwe and her fury was tangible and she was quite ageist more than anything else, saying get the old ones out. I've kinda always liked older MPs because I value life experience so, well, she just got me thinking a bit. I think she's probably being harsh but maybe parliament will be younger - more Cleggys, Tishes, Zaks and Garys. Hmm - I think rolling stones do gather moss sometimes.

Have a good weekend man - you campaigning or just watching the car crash?