Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Comprehensively Carter-Rucked: Tory Smearers Get Just Desert

Well well well. The Gate before last was a good one. Smeargate, remember? As we were fond of pointing out at the time Guido, Dale and Dorries were running around actually smearing actual innocents, just as they complained about virtually unpublished smears. Particularly gripping of course as Nadine Dorries MP had named herself and would not have been part of the story had she not done so.

And she had the cheek to say she was doing it in case her children (sic) at school and her parents (sic) should believe the blatant lies that they would never have known existed had she not donned some artful make-up and a pricey frock and rushed headlong to the danger.

Iain Dale was well wrong. Sued by Tom Watson MP the Mail has apologised in open court and paid Watson substantial damages and his costs. Tom is pleased. Iain Dale, who wrote the offending article and repeated the libel more than a few times on broadcast media will presumably give up blogging and media sluttery for good?

No news on whether BBC TV, Sky News and just about everyone who interviewed the Raving Mythomaniac Nadine Dorries MP, who repeated the same and worse about the Hon Gentleman Tom Watson and others, will meet the same fate.

Me old Dale and Dorries also smeared Damian McBride and Derek Draper by stating categorically that they hadn't dropped or shelved their plans to publish McBride's nonsensical hooning. And that there were more emails to prove it. But I'mm not sure they'll be coming out to play with Schillings and Carter-Ruck just yet.

Not that Nadine will be able to afford anything by way of substantial damages. What with being found out not having a real "main home" and having to pay back her naughty ACA claim in full, or resign from parliament in disgrace. Surely?

Unless that is her boat comes in and she wins the lottery or exemplary damages? Having sued Number 10 Downing Street, Gordon Brown, The Pope, Damian McBride, The Red Rag, Unite the Union, Ray Collins, and Derek Draper and Tom Watson for not publishing various lies about her good self that no-one would have known existed had she not outed herself and rushed into every media studio south of a line drawn between Woburn and Chipping Campden.

Not to mention a foray North for a beautiful location shoot at her, presumably long suffering, Mum's in Lytham St Annes over the Easter Weekend. Not sure why she didn't use her own main home for this? What's that you say? She doesn't really have one? Ooo-er! Pretty risky that in the current climate.

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