Friday, May 15, 2009

Erith and Thamesmead Selection: Trouble Shooting 4

Sticking With The Long List

The most controversial candidate, the parachuted-in nepotista Georgia Gould (22) had some endorsements, nominations or whatever and would I'd guess have comfortably made the cut to four candidates. Supposing the BME 50% requirement was relaxed at any rate. However, another favoured candidate, Rachel Maskell, backed by Charlie Whelan, almost certainly would not have done so. Very likely standing at seventh in the popular vote, and without any broad or narrow base of branch endorsements.

The question is whether this candidate's "people", Unite-worker Rachel Maskell's people, i.e. Unite-worker Whelan interceded with the surrogate Procedures Secretary ex-Unite man Ray Collins to keep the list this long?

LOL can think of no sensible explanation for this decision. What was the first month of the process about if it wasn't to reduce from eight wannabes to a more manageable number? And having eight speeches and Q and A sessions and changeovers and then the exhaustive and exhausting casting and processing of ballots ... could be there all night. Still I suppose that might put off some people from attending? Make for a more intimate gathering? Even perhas see the PVs out-number the live votes?

More in about 30 minutes.

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