Thursday, May 28, 2009

Guido Fawkes: "Absolute Horror" at CCHQ Over Brown Succession?

Someone is pulling Guido's pudding. Saying that both Alan Johnson and An Unspecified Miliband (it's D he means, who hair-triggered a false start in 2008) are readying tilts at the leadership of the Labour Party. This is for after the Labour vote collapses in the European elections. Problem is it probably will not collapse in any very noticeable way from a starkly poor to middling result in 2004.

Here he goes anyway, untroubled by facts and figures:

This prospect is viewed with absolute horror by CCHQ.  If Tory staffers could save Gordon by voting Labour on June 4, they would.

Here's an extended pull - featuring Team Miliband - from that false start piece in the Indy:

Phil Collins

Tony Blair's former speech writer Phil Collins is a likely backer. He once said "a monkey with a typewriter" could write better speeches than Mr Brown. In May, he said Mr Brown's premiership was a "tragedy" fraught with "strategic errors and political mishaps".

Sarah Schaefer

Mr Miliband's special adviser is his closest aide, who acts as his voice – and "eyes and ears" – with journalists. She has separated from Matthew D'Ancona, the editor of the conservative The Spectator, which recently seemed to switch allegiance from Mr Miliband to James Purnell.

Peter Hyman

Peter Hyman is a teacher in an inner-city London comprehensive. He worked for Tony Blair for ten years as a speechwriter and strategist. He is close to Mr Miliband and is said to be a "key man" in his inner circle. Some believe he may have helped draft The Guardian article.

James Purnell

The 38-year-old Work and Pensions Secretary has crucially told Mr Miliband he will not stand against him, as The Independent revealed on Saturday. Seen as highlycapable and intelligent if slightly cocky, this tough-talking minister is regarded as a future leader by Blairites.

Andy Burnham

The 38-year-old Culture Secretary has recently emerged as a potential future leader – not this time but next – in the eyes of some Blairites. But the personable former flatmate of James Purnell must see off the charge that he is a lightweight. In the meantime, he's backing Mr Miliband.

Alan Milburn

The 50-year-old arch-Blairite former minister has remained largely in the shadows but is widely expected to be a key backer of a Miliband candidacy. Along with Peter Mandelson and (some say) Tony Blair privately, Mr Milburn was urging Mr Miliband to stand against Gordon Brown last year.

Miliband's words

'In the aftermath of Labour's third successive defeat at the 1959 election, a famous pamphlet asked the question: "Must Labour lose?" Today, the temptation is similar fatalism. We must not yield.'

'The odds are against us, no question. But I still believe we can win the next election. I agree with Jack Straw that we don't need a summer of introspection.' blah blah blah blah

Does Sarah Schaefer (op cit) actually talk with Guido Fawkes? And wouldn't Ed Miliband make a far better leader than David? Should there be a vacancy?

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