Monday, May 11, 2009

Hope Not Hate: Nick Griffin is a Race Hate Criminal

Must say Anita Anand looked like her flesh was creeping in the presence of the vile Nick Griffin on the BBC Daily Politics (iPlayer) today. I don't think mainstream media journalists can deal with him. This was Andrew Neil. Michael Crick was piss poor too. Mit ein underling. Peter Allen on Five Live was better this year than last time. But Griffin and Co still get away with a lot.

They think they can tackle him, but they cannot. BBC and the other broadcasters should not have him live on any programme until they have overcome their failures in this regard.

Just a few weeks after hearing an esteemed Labour comrade/colleague spouting a really very very silly diatribe against Unite Against Fascism at a branch meeting - UAF whose T-shirt I was wearing, and of whose activity I am a critical supporter, at times seriously hands-on with - Searchlight's Hope Not Hate campaign have produced the above video.

The comrade/colleagues point was that, unlike Unite Against Fascism, run he claimed by hordes of SWP members who would take credit for and infiltrate any Labour Party or mainstream efforts against the BNP, Searchlight did not compare the BNP to Nazis! Mmmmm. If that's this guy's distinction between two perfectly complementary if not particularly complimentary anti-fascist organisations it looks like he's on to a loser! MPs and MEPs of all parties, and Trade Unionists, and prominent individuals have signed up with UAF. You choose whether to support the one or the other or both. But do something more please than spouting sectarian bile in a meeting.

Both organisations are organising activity in Greater Manchester and nationwide. If any reader needs pointers on where to get information to take part of send donations drop me an email and I'll try to help.


Anonymous said...

You gotta admit: Griffin is a good telly performer.

Yup, he was nervous. But all that stuff about non-indigenous groups getting "civic nationality" was disconcertingly clever.

Much more convincing that that shit Hazel Blears offering a ludicrous explanation for her property scamming.

If I were working class and poor and I'd been fucked over by the Labour party the BNP isn't a big leap of faith.

Get Real said...

yes it is a leap of faith your neandertal fuckwit.

A leap from humanity to an abyss of fascist nihlism that decent working class men sacrificed their lives to ensure we were kept free 70 years ago.

From the International Brigades to the beaches of Dunkirk and back at Normandy. Working class men and women won the war for civilisation and then secured a peace with some semblance of social justice.

An imperfect peace but certainly one more decent and humane then anything rascist and facist c*nts would ever invisage for their own citizen.

Have a moan about about MPs expenses and the credit cruch by all means but don't try dare use it an a pathetic excuse to preach your filthy scummy hatred that defiles the souls and memories of honest working people that gave so much.

Anonymous said...

The generation that fought on those beaches have found their kids can't get homes in their own country because immigrants have greater entitlement, their kids can't get jobs because immigrants have undercut them, their kids' kids can't get an education because half the school entry is speaking a foreign language, and just tonight a Muslim is going to be heading up the BBC's religious output.

That 1945 generation of heroes wouldn't have bothered if they knew they were going to be disinherited from their country by a bunch of neanderthel fuckwits like yourself.

By the way, Polly Toynbee has tonight just turned around and crucified Brown and Labour. Alan Johnson is the solution, apparently.

The times are a-changin.

Dick the Prick said...

Oh do shut the fuck up. It's a legitimate political party - argue with it by responding to their base rather than some emotional spunk bubble. Blah blah blah. I'm just watching numbers and locations - great customer survey coming up.

Chris Paul said...

Legitimate? Filled to the gunnels with hate criminals. Including Griffin himself. Charged and convicted for a "Holohoax" hate leaflet. Preaching difference, preaching misery, promoting stupidity. What's more when elected at any level they are uniformly crap as representatives.

An Islamacist Party with the same kind of ideas would be on the "banning" list of the lamentable David Cameron. Vide Hizb_ut-Tahrir who worked with the Tories in a local government seat near me.

Cameron wants to ban them. Yet HuT do not have the recourse to hate and violence and the criminality that is such a feature of the BNP.

Let's see some of Griffin's lieutenants on the TV. Let them go on live. Griffin however should be treated like the hate criminal that he is. No more live TV.

And yes, of course, you're right Dick. the main parties need to engage with the people. The BNP tend to rise in a vacuum where there is low activity, low turn out, and taking for granted whether by Tories (e.g. Tottington in Bury) or Labour (e.g. Stoke) or both (e.g. Sevenoaks in Kent).

Anf the traditonal third and 4th parties MUST be on the ballot paper and making a real effort to provide palatable alternatives.

Anonymous said...

Can you honestly look at what is taking place at Erith and Thamesmead and not come to the conclusion that the Labour Party is engaged in a subversion of democracy which more insidious than the accusations you level at the BNP.

Chris Paul said...

Yes I can actually. Every one of the eight candidates in ET are capable of being honourable and decent elected representatives. I've never met anyone associated with the BNP who could match any of them. And whatever system there is will be worked by the would be candidates and their supporters. Every one involved in the Labour Party supports democratic politics and does not support controlling the streets with gangs, idolising Hitler, getting moist at the sound of jackboots.

That is the *secret* BNP position of leading figures. Exposed when they are off-guard. And what's more the criminality and violence of many involved in attempting to reach the aims of the BNP are legendary. Up to and including killing with explosives.

Get Real said...

"we just didn't realise" was the cry

"too late" was the reply.

Do we really want to see dangerous, racist bullies wrapped in the Union Jack in Brussels?

As for refering to our war dead as an "emotional spunk bubble" then they did not die in vain.

Everybody Hates Chris said...

Back from corruption-ridden Italy to squeaky clean Britain. In comparison, it probably is.

I sort of agree with you, CP, and sort of don't. Firstly, Griffin can be a remarkably assured performer. For someone with such a one dimenional view of the world he does seem to put his case over. Peter Allen is the only person I've heard that has given him anywhere the kicking he deserves - probably because he uses mockery as well as righteous anger against Griffin.

Not sure about your rule that all democratic parties should always all stand against the BNP, especially when First Past The Post is being used. In some circumstances I think there is a case for electoral pacts or at least selective campaigning. Otherwise there is a danger of the BNP hitting a glass ceiling below 30% of the vote and still getting elected.

In proportional systems then you are certainly right. Drive up the quota and put up the height of the fence that the goosesteppers need to jump.

The main lesson to learn is not to vote for any party leader that uses the slogan British Jobs For British Workers.

Anonymous said...

as opposed to the Fib Dems teaming up with the Tories - (who have such a stunning record on Ghurka rights?)

"charming little chaps. Damned fiesty. Make a good G&T."