Sunday, May 10, 2009

Kerry McCarthy MP: On Expenses and Triangular Journeys

Labour MP Kerry "Shot From Both Sides" McCarthy MP (Bristle East) has posted about expenses. Although you'll find if you read this that Kerry too started with some triangularity in her accommodation, unlike the Raving Mythomaniac Nadine Dorries MP (Conservative, Mid La-la land) Kerry actually did win a blogging award from the BCS.

And Kerry's proper blog isn't twitter with verbal diaorrhea - can you believe the Nads' sneering reaction to Twitter - comments here? I've linked to comments (featuring that good old portcullis still, oops) as the nearest thing I can offer to a direct permalink - considering the stuff she puts on her blog? The post is called Twitters, but that isn't a permalink. Interesting too that Nadine has said today that she's in the Cotswolds. Which was the third corner of her parliamentary triangle for year one of her term.

Nads' latest blogpost is claiming that her concern about the leaked expenses information to the Telegraph is on the grounds of privacy. Interesting stuff. Interesting too that Margaret Moron MP (Labour, Loot On) is threatening a law suit. So please mentally mark my every comment on her case with the rider: "according to the Daily Telegraph".

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