Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Luke Akehurst: Spots Tory Drop of 1% Under Saviour Cameron

Luke Akehurst is still hospitalised, above being cheered up by a fellow Ginger Nut (interesting comment from May 17), but remains savvy on the big picture pointing out where the polls place the Tories, though forgetting to mention the 2% drop for Labour and the 1% drop for the Lib Dems:

Today's YouGov poll has these Euro election voting intentions:

Con 26%
Lab 21%
UKIP 16%
LD 14%
BNP 7%

The actual result in the previous 2004 Euros was almost identical:

Con 27%
Lab 23%
UKIP 16%
LD 15%
BNP 5%

So four years of regeneration under Cameron seem to have delivered a 1% fall in the Tory vote...

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