Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Manchester Transport: Signs Were There, Announcement Today

My part of Chorlton, M21 was due to get trams, with a station within 200 metres, with existing funding. But what we were not getting, following December's disappointing NO vote on the Transport Innovation Fund proposals, was much of a ride to the end of the tracks, less than half a mile further South at St Werburgh's Road.

Sunday evening I took my attack dogs McBride and Draper for a twilight walk. Down the disused railway tracks that will soon carry our tram, past the proposed terminus and onwards. Along the right fork towards Didsbury we spied that a massive tree clearance and track bed laying had taken place. Far more than you might expect for works access. In fact there is already metalled access to the station site.

Mmmm, I thought, they're preparing for more of the track than they're supposed to be. Should have stuck a tease up on the blog, but we've been busy busy busy. And lo and behold, today this announcement (BBC), also covered by the Manchester Evening News. Amazingly as their Number Six story. Tomorrow it will be the front page splash I've no doubt.

You can download the New Map Here (pdf) or click to enlarge the above image (low res).

The GMPTE information event last night may be somethingly superceded by this announcement. The next one is at Chorlton Library on Tuesday 2 June from 5pm to 8pm. There may also be a spring in a few steps at the Climate Change open forum this Friday 5:45pm to 7:30pm in the Blue Box Theatre at Chorlton High School.

Funnily enough I spent a couple of hours this afternoon reliving the Web 2.0 part of the TIF Campaign ... there must be something in the air.


Dick the Prick said...

It's been a long week Chris. Seems strange they only asked me 5 days before the vote - man...

Chris Paul said...

Five days before the vote? The TIF vote? Or some other vote?

David Ottewell, MEN said...

It was on our front page on the morning of May 13, i.e. around eight hours before the BBC story you link to, and 15 hours before you wrote this for your blog.

It's hardly surprising it had dropped to the sixth story on the website by then.