Monday, May 11, 2009

Rt Hoon Margaret Moron MP: No Merit in Defense of Indefensible?

Really is very hard to recognise any merit whatsoever in the Hoon Member Margaret Moron MP (Loot On, Southampton) case for the absolution. Electoral suicide. But no Stonehouse style pile of clothes on the Solent shingle for this purveyor of palpable dry rot. Caught having it away with £22,000. She's for the drop as sure as Southampton AFC. Perhaps she should be summarily de-selected and someone with clean hands be parachuted in. Perhaps young Georgia Gould? Though she'd have to leave her pits crew at home to win that particular Silverspoon Grand Prix.

The grass roots netizens at LabourHome are calling for a cull. At least the top 20 offenders. In each party presumably. The very first comment on Mike Ion's post even suggested that every single MP of every party be stood down and replaced. Of 61 votes cast only four thinking that no MP's should be deselected as their party's candidates.

Good of Hoon, Moron, Reynard and Grayling to take part in the vote!

IT'S BEEN A GOOD WEEK FOR ... Stock Photo Suppliers with 32 here plus 25 more images purchased already. Sadly the Telegraph got so excited by their smug cleverness and hilarity that the captions were run one adrift from their images for all but the first of the second batch.


Anonymous said...

Good to see you not trying to defend this one CP.

Chris Paul said...

Well, in her "defence" I'll go as far as saying:

1. They're (almost) all at it, and

2. She could have claimed the same sort of amount some less loony way and got away with it, and

3. I probably support the increased salary - no ACA model going forward

Thousands would be willing to serve, even at a meagre £65,000 but that doesn't necessarily make it the right salary.

Many Vice Chancellors and Town Hall Chiefs are on more than the PM and mostly four to five times more than rank and file MPs and opposition spokespersons. Is that correct?

MM is too thick and/or clueless to be in parliament on this showing. Now imagine of you had to go down to 100+ in the Tories and wonder how thick and/or greedy their junior ministers and bag carriers would be ...

I'm patiently waiting for Nadine's day in the limelight ...

Dick the Prick said...

Good grief it's boring innit? Let's watch gimps destroy themselves - whoo hoo - uuurrgghh.