Saturday, May 16, 2009

Mid Bedfordshire: Labour PPC Rolls Tanks On To Nad's Lawn

Interesting post at Labour Home from David Reeves who is a legally-trained Accountant at UCL Imperial and a territorial Army volunteer (above, with HoP in sights). David is Nadine Dorries' Labour rival in Mid Bedfordshire / Mid Narnia. He says two things of particular note:

  • If elected, he vows that he will commute daily with his constituents, continue to live in the constituency, and not charge the taxpayer for his commute or his mortgage;

  • In any case, David politely requests an apology for Nadine's whiney smearing of him as a whiney smearer, simply for seeking some expenses accountability on behalf of a constituent.

  • Here's David's reply, in which he graciously accepted Nadine's being cleared, that time anyway:

    Mr Reeves said: "A concerned constituent asked me why Mrs Dorries claimed more in annual train and car expenses (£12,005) than fellow Bedfordshire MPs Patrick Hall (£1,198) and Alistair Burt (£7,017).
    "I passed the query to the Parliamentary Commissioner to investigate whether the type and combination of claims made were valid. I am pleased to learn that this is indeed the case.
    "This is an example of where greater openness by the Parliamentary authorities would help to restore the confidence of the general public in MPs' expenses."

    Just to stir things up a bit, I have asked David Reeves in comments how he might feel about the seat being part of a national pact where the progressive parties share the seats out, for one election only, to get rid of some of these damn Tories.

    I'm guessing he may like such an arrangement better if he were the chosen one!

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