Friday, May 15, 2009

Parliamentary Office Gate: Who Does Your MP Rent From?

So, Shahid Malik's office arrangements are under scrutiny. Does it make you wonder? Is there a rustle in your hedgerow? Don't be alarmed now! There's still time to change the road you're on! Let's start from the very beginning! It's a very good place to start! Enough of the catholic musical tastes already. Ed. Who does your MP rent their office from?

My current MP and Chair of the PLP Tony Lloyd rents his office from .... The Methodists. That's probably going to look OK when he self-publishes his claims on Monday. I'd have said so. Would you agree? But what of your MP?

We know that Paul Rowen MP (Lib Dem, Rochdale) rents his office from his local Lib Dem Party. They rent in turn from Rochdale Reform Buildings Limited, whoever they may turn out to be* ... their Registered Office shares an address with the Rochdale Lib Dems, and with the Lib Dem MP's parliamentary office, and with the Lib Dem Agent (right) worse-for-wear crash pad. Crashed too, below. Perhaps there are other organisations squatting there? ... we don't like to speculate.

There was apparently a huge rent increase when Rowen got elected. And Rowen actually paid the local party almost double that increased rent. Although he wasn't based there, as an MP at least, for the full calendar year.

And there was a mystery payment from the Lib Dem Town Hall into the pot also. And, as luck would have it, Rochdale Reform Buildings Limited also chose to make a political donation at around the same time. Virtually as large as the increased rent they had just received.

Looked like, thanks to these property transactions alone, the local Lib Dem Party made a profit of more than £5,000 in that one year alone. Thanks to tax payers and council tax payers money flowing into their coffers. There was also £24,000 or so in from the Lib Dem councillors that appeared in the annual accounts for no year at all. And it cannot have been all tucked away in the election campaign expenses. Because the limit would be scarcely 40% of that figure.

Over recent years it would appear that sadly no notifiable political donations whatsoever have been received and declared in the expected way by Rochdale Lib Dems.

There cannot have been any. They'd have told us.

And sadly too the Rochdale Lib Dems' turnover has seemingly fallen beneath the level at which accounts are required. There's nothing to stop them sticking them in the public domain anyway. Their man is after all a champion of the open book. Though the "walk" is yet to catch the "talk".

Their turnover must have slumped in a crumpled heap, like a Vodka'd up Political Agent. And that being so they don't have to share.

FOOTNOTE: We're not quite sure about John Leech MP's arrangements in Man Wit. It is hard to follow. Can't quite work out what's going on down there on the Stockport borders. An amateur Printing Society, apparently responsible for reams of professional 4-colour process glossy print. On their John Bull set. A local Party. An MP. All will become clear.

Can Blue Leechy match Red Lloydy and get clear-the-air receipts out by Monday?

* Must get round to some company searches soon ... probably worth going back to the very beginning I'd have thought. Though it is a whole £1 per document.


deep searching probe said...

I almost choked on my chicken today when I saw the headline "porn probe" on Rochdale Online's "news" page.

Was Malcolm generating some hits for MJX Photography with such a headline?

With painted harlots in the cloistered temple cum photographic studio in Castleton that was once a house of moneylenders...

...what would Jesus do?

ain't nothin goin on but the rent said...

so just who works for Paul and is paid for by Parliamentary expenses?

Dave Hennigan must be the head boy who benefits from the dodgy rent arrangement.

Is Adam Power another rent recipient?

John Swarbrick?

Is poor Sue Etchells at the bottom of the pay pile?

And what about paid help at Westminster.

Paul is very coy about who does what and who is on the Parliamentary payroll.

Anonymous said...

Very interesting comment on Rochdale Observer's website.

Are constituents going to be fully informed of any hospitality from corporate lobbyists and engineering enjoyed by our MP Paul Rowen who happens to be involved in the Parliamentary Light Rail Group? Trips abroad to factories and restaurants? The odd award dinner?

The facts are out there and we deserve the truth, not spin.
15/05/2009 at 13:49

Chris Paul said...

Still trying to get to the bottom of the European Parliamentarians' Friendly Society gravy allowances also. Oh dear me. And the Cobbled-Not-So-Bright Trust looks promising, if not exactly charitable. Are they at Drake Street too? Whoever they are. And where do the Rochdale Childer fit into everything?

This is all quite exciting really isn't it?

Also looks like Nadine Dorries has got all mixed up over which house is which and which she's allowed to pay for with tax money and the like. And soem man's put some booze on her Club Account or something.



Brown envelope spotter said...

wait till the cash donations come out of the woodwork when the donor smell the coffee and turn Queen's evidence.

Given the choice between keeping quiet or saving their own hides, the choice is simple.

Can anyone smell toast burning?

This IS when things are going to get interesting.

Prison beckons?

Rochdale Rapper said...

If a scandal breaks in Rochdale and Nick Clegg makes the current MP fall on his sword then who will be selected to fight for Cyril Smith's "safe" Lib Dem marginal seat?

Will Dave Hennighan trade up from the Heywood PPC seat he coverts over Cllr Vera Hothouse?

Or is Cllr Greg Couzens intending to leapfrog from his aspirations as Leader of Rochdale Council straight to the top job as MP ?

Anonymous said...


I am afraid of disclosing my name as I work in a Council environment which is controlled by the labour Tribe. (I see all the parties as basically tribal- Just like Zumo's power base)

Thats my position- I need to defend myself and do not trust the Labour tribe- see Mr Martin about Kate Hoey for evidence.

However I saw Mr Miliband was in Chortlton High. I presume the labour party is paying for a share of his train fare, Protection officer etc

I expect miss porter will be disclosing all on her website.

Afterall the labour party has paid for 3600 sure start centers- whoops or was that taxpayers.

Sorry must go am awaiting a rug from ikea- didnt fancy the one from NY the GK had.

Anonymous said...

Here is Jimmy Cricket's son and useless Rochdale Lib Dem, Dale Mulgrew, waxing lyrical on the subject. I wonder who he could be referring to? Rowen had better watch his back.

"We have recently seen the ugly spectacle of certain local MP's really looking to maximise their expenses in any way possible. I want to assure the voters of Rossendale and Darwen that I have thought about this and I want to prove from the start that the job is a real privilege. MP's should consider the political sensitivities associated with the way they operate."