Saturday, May 30, 2009

Recall Buy One Get One Free PR Paul Rowen: He Can Bog Off

Good to see that Rochdale RAW have followed LOL's advice and turned their spotlight away from irrelevant Ugandan Relations and back onto the Town. But, what's this? They're now trying to make out that PR Paul Rowen has seven parliamentary staff funded from some £88,500, with one of them reputedly earning almost half that total on his own. Leaving "Not A lot" for the other six.

We say they should get over it. Surely PR Paul's staffing, like his dodgy contrived tax-gobbling office tenancy, his OTT palatial Battersea dog's home accommodation, and his tax-payer funded political donations are his own business? But for the naughty RAW boys it's moan, moan, moan. Still not wanting to watch the FA Cup Final we found the time to comment thusly:

Chris Paul said...

Four or five staff, full and part time in Rochdale, plus two in Westminster? All for £88,000? Rowen must drive some very hard bargains, particularly if Henn is "off the scale" at around £40k (according to him). That leaves 48k for SIX others.

Is PR Paul, or should that be HR Paul?, even paying the minimum wage to some of these poor people. And didn't Swarbrick leave the employ of Sheiky bagman and Oldham and Saddleworth PPC Elwyn Watkins over being paid too little?

Mysterious really that since 2005 there have been no donations whatsoever recorded by the party, or additional members interests owned up to, and no accounts submitted from the local party either.

Can they really have fallen below the £25,000 annual turnover if they have wages to pay; and £9,000 to pay on a stuffer; and prodigious amounts of print to do their bit for the forestry business; and morning after deodorant for party animal Henn and his flea pit bedding?

Though the last accounts did reveal quite a lot about PR Paul's dodgy tenancy arrangements.

This envelope stuffer? Did it really cost £15,000?

And how many Focus leaflets has Rowen subsidised at £700 a pop?

And has Chris Davies MEP made any political donations in Paul's direction, using up his ill-gotten travel allowances?

And about that Spotland hoarding ... why did PR Paul claim to be paying it out of his own pocket if the taxpayer picked up the tab?

Clearly PR Paul is building a property portfolio with his pricey Battersea flat - John Leech got one for less than half the price, is this yet another PR BOGOF?

But is it going to turn out that the bigger Lib Dem disease will be covert fundraising for political parties and political workers and political leaflets and political hoardings and political stuffers and so on and so forth?

Is that better than personal greed? Is it even different from personal greed? "No" and "No" for my money. Basically it's using taxpayers' money to try to ensure Rowen and his creepy cohorts can "go round again" and take another £1 million plus from the public.

Lib Dems are essentially apolitical if you ask me. No politics, just opportunism. And insofar as we can believe their claims of prodigious hours worked - much of this in hostelries and bars we fear - the larger part of this time is about self preservation and repeating the sinecure for another four years.

PR Paul is musing about recall elections. Let him be the first to call himself out./ he's been a bloody useless MP. Let down on property developers, let down on the Town Centre, let down on asbestos, let down on Gaza, let down on expenses transparency.

Let down all round. Let's have this troughing Hogg recalled, now. Bog Off PR Paul your time is up.
30 May 2009 07:13


Anonymous said...

Interesting article in the Indy today about freebies claimed by MPs.

I'd very much like to see the list of jollies that Rowen's enjoyed over the last few years. He's visited at least half a dozen countries on the spurious grounds of researching things that could be of value to Rochdale.

Anonymous said...

John Leech is mentioned in the above article for trips to Ghana.

Anonymous said...

Porn-O's organ should be called Rotary Online rather than Rown Online.

What passes for news articles is piss poor at the best of times but recently rattlesnake's balls in soft sand are higher.

Friday night masonic do.

Saturday Rotary dinner (with description of soup)

Advertorial for posh massage parlour and new age relaxation gubbins...but no mention that this new business being plugged is a tenant at the old Rochdale Online office on Bury Road.

Were these poor souls offered this as a big deal? Rent of Porn-O, get a mention online and some photos?

The saddo porn baron's Bentley made it on the photos!!!

What a twisted weird world the ponytailed pornographer must live in.

It is like something out of Phoenix Nights.

Chris Paul said...

John Leech's position on the ear tagging of sheep - he's agin it - was a great relief to the entirely sheepless people of Manchester Withington, but his Ghanaian position is, perversely, completely unknown.

Here's the link.

Anonymous said...

I see the legendary Rochdale Priest is still taking the fight to the Lib Dems. Here's his latest salvo on Rochdale Online:

"I will take no lectures on integrity in future from any Lib Dems unless they make it clear they deplore the odious tactics coming out of Drake Street."

Hear, hear

Anonymous said...

The Rochdale Online forum has apparently suffered a 'technical' glitch that they apologise for.

The entire thread about MP's expenses has been wiped. This included Paul Rowen's 2am emotional outburst against a local priest.

Has someone blinked? Or shat themselves?

Well done Rochdale Online - nobody suspects anything. Accidents happen. Its a good job only a few dozen people take notice of Porn-O's vanity site.