Friday, May 22, 2009

Rowen Online: Rochdale Online Actually Have An interesting Story

This unsigned story, which appears google-wise to be a Rowen Online exclusive, is fascinating. LOL are wondering whether whoever wrote it - a fine investigative journalist by the look of it, assuming it hasn't appeared in the inky edition of the Rochdale Observer, it's not online, in fact no mentions of RoFTRA since 2006 are - might be let loose on Rowen's rationed expenses instead of the girl from the Rowen Online office come Porn-O photography studio. Hopefully the days when investigative journalists in Rochdale, that upset the powers that be, got mighty kickings are in fact a thing of the past?

And will this Dave Bartlett be back at ROFTRA before too long?


Anonymous said...

Porn-O is digging a hole for himself with the ROFTRA "exclusive" about the sacking of a brave whistleblower.

Looks like Porn-O is pulling his ponytail out in frustration of recent events.

Silly man.

Chris Paul said...

Which one is the brave whistleblower? This Sharples or that Bartlett?

RAW - Rochdale's Alternative Website said...

It is hard to work out when reading the Rochdale Online "exclusive" of Mr Sharples' account.

RBH media spokespeople are hard at it too.

The wagons are circling against that nasty outsider who mostly resides on the sunny Isle of Wight.

The one that whistleblew on the Rochdale Establishment covering up the serious allegations of Cyril Smith and sex abuse.