Friday, May 01, 2009

Tories and BNP in East Lancashire: Back Story Worth a Read

The back story for the heart-warming BNP-Conservatives hook up in Darwen Lancashire makes fascinating reading. BNP activist and parliamentary candidate Nick Holt was approached by Darwen Conservative Dy-nasty (mostly "nasty"?) The Slaters to stand as a Town Council candidate. He was very surprised, he says, but they persuaded him.

My old spar the Solicitor and newly wed James Jacob Gilchrist Berry, the Conservative PPC in Rossendale, apparently attended a strategy meeting with Mr Holt - who hates the Labour Party and the trade unions and is happy to hang with Tories, despite his race-fascist inner-hinterland - and this afternoon was due to host a Cameron Direct event, not far from Bacup.

Bacup being where LOL and LOL's newshounds took a spin this very afternoon. Including passing a nursing home named ABBA! Some consolation for Iain Dale as his party's political judgement - in the constituencies - nears new depths. Though it's touch and go whether this or incorporating Hizb_ut-Tahrir leaflets in your strategy takes the soggy biscuit.

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Rochdale Rapper said...

be green, vote blue, go purple... then if all else fails the Tories turn a whiter shade of pale.

Something the older Rochdale Lib Dems have been doing for years.