Thursday, May 14, 2009

Tory Sleazers: Andrew McKay MP and Julie Kirkbride MP

It seems extraordinary that although Andrew McKay MP has resigned as David Cameron's Aide-de-Camp and Julie Kirkbride MP - collectively "the McBrides" perhaps? - had nothing to resign from, they have not been stripped of or suspended from the Tory party whip immediately.

The link above is to a BBC N24 interview of more than 11 minutes. The clown McKay is standing in a hole, digging feverishly, and sending out for bigger spades.

The McBrides are a husband-and-wife his-and-hers sleazer team who have been hustling the ACA for both their first/second and second/first homes. Year in and year out for at least eight or nine years. Probably a sum exceeding the total MP Danegelt to date ... on their own.

These two and the comedian Elliott Mortified MP (Labour, Scunthorpe) should be in adjoining police cells. And they should keep one warm for Paul Rowen MP over his seemingly corrupt use of the parliamentary Communications Allowance, if nothing else.

PR Paul may be a tedious nonentity in all but his own Rochdale fantasy world. But it seems to LOL that being politically stupid enough to give taxpayers' money to a local "news organisation" to create a website, and to watch their own organ then covering your activity favourably and spiking and mauling positive stories on your rivals, this is probably just the tip of the sleazy Rochdale Lib Dems iceberg.

In fact we know it is. The word on the streets, in their disintegrating local party, and even in Emma Street is that they are all up to their necks in nutty nonsense.


Anonymous said...

Given that Julie is the economic brains behind that partnership (even though she was encouraged to switch from Economics to History at an early stage when at Cambridge) it is surprising that she hasn't yet felt the need to apologise - on the other hand perhaps it isn't too surprising.

Anonymous said...

The real question is what happened to Lib Dem councillor and Frank Sinatra impersonator, Keith Swift the other night in Rochdale?

According to Paul Rowen, Malcolm's errand boy and favourite Lib Dem was singing for his supper one minute and then being taken to hospital the next.–-paul-rowen-mp

What happened?

Did Keith Swift suddenly start singing like a canary? Did Cyril have to intervene with 50,000 volts from a cattle prod in the kidneys?

What was he singing at the time? Was it 'Accidents will happen' or 'Something stupid'?

Our mole says that Dave Hennigan had a fit and swore revenge when Frank, sorry Keith, sang this verse.

I can see it in your eyes, that you despise the same old lies
You heard the night before

How dare he sing about Dave's press releases like that!!

Never underestimate the paranoia of Dave Hennigan, Keith.

Get well soon.

Rochdale Rapper said...

"Crooning swinger cut short at Lib Dem charidee event"

Keith Swift- the next Mayor of Rochdale starts to sing like a Canary but misses supper.

Some of the oilier Lib Dems may think they are part of a "Rochdale Rat Pack". How ironic.

With a firm grip from Cyril Smith's healing hands they could all be sopranos.

Barack Obama said...

Combining chilli garlic massala and Strangers in the Night was only going to lead to one place....

Anonymous said...

Well she may be sleazy but she is a sexy woman, as she has crewed us as an MP, she could now become a professional whore and let us screw her; I'd pay. Bet she is a dirty slag in bed.