Saturday, May 16, 2009

Trouser Gate: Chaytor a Great Surprise, Kaufman for Speaker?

Although David Chaytor MP originally comes out of the filthy, cheating, scamming Further Education sector and specifically the erstwhile Mancat "as seen in Private Eye!" I'm finding it very hard to believe he would deliberately continue to claim mortgage interest he was no longer paying. Who on earth would do this? When the generous regime would allow them to just move down the corridor or street and start again. Beggars belief.

BBC News 24 vox popped a couple of Bury North comrades outside one of Chaytor's two offices. Thought they were a bit quick to condemn him.

Have done some canvassing and delivering up in Bury North where a BNP candidacy in 2005 took about 2,500 votes IIRC and halved his majority. Struck me that there was a real vacuum of mainstream politics in many taken-for-granted areas, whether traditionally Tory or Labour oriented. Not a single party poster and few leaflets were evident on the (Tory-represented) estates where I was working.

He says the mistake is "unforgiveable" ... I know what it says in the dictionary against that word. But just what does he mean by it?

What's this about Curly Kaufman MP and a £9,000 television? Is that just a case of a decimal point in the wrong place? With or without this minor discrepancy ... It really is time for old Sir Gerald to call it a day. Perhaps a year as Speaker on the way out?


Dick the Prick said...

Fair point - the only electioneering i've seen has been on the telly. Sod all posters or activity at all. All a bit pants really. Who's gonna win Eurovision - now that is politics..

Chris Paul said...

Though they've changed the rules ... so it make be back to "musical appreciation" ????

the absence of politics was in a general not Euro election as it goes. You'd expect more.

It was a very large right-to-buyed up former council estate I'm thinking of. With Tory councillors, and the BNP PC living within 1k, and there were NO POSTERS. NOT ONE.