Saturday, May 02, 2009

Win-Win Situation: Galloway Bitch Slaps Dale or Vice Versa

Not literally. Just a tricky 'phone call is all. We've all had them. Live on Radio. Less often. But still rather quotidien. Whoever won the day it's hard to feel anything but mild joy, "mild joy"? never mind. They're both professionals. They'll get over themselves. Eventually. Maggie Thatcher, You Can't Match Her. The Darling Of Us All. Will political pundits be getting so vexed over Blair or Brown in 2027, or Brown lui-meme in 2037? Will Dale and Galloway ever recapture magic moments as bessies in the Celebrity Big Brother House?

FOOTNOTE Sun 11:00: The MP3 is now available. In the first half goals from Galloway's forwards Steel and Coal were answered with an own goal from Scargill. 2-1. In the second half Cityboy (Feckless) forgot which side he was on and crashed one against the bar for Galloway's Workers United XI with his brother Cityboy (Rampant) finding the side netting at the correct end for Dale's Market Forces XI. Still 2-1.

Breathless end to end action before lapses in concentration saw Dale, on by now as Player Manager, watching his own loose back passes to Conservative Future in goal, intercepted and knocked in by the marauding communist Poll-Tax-Up-Your-Jacksy and then steered home by Lamont (og) whose sad lack of skills on ball or man were cruelly exposed. Full time 4-1.

The whole match had been in doubt for a time when a display of extreme petulance in the technical area and threats to "take my balls home" from Dale had been silenced by Galloway's cool Home advantage. And more especially by a text from the match sponsors offering "no whine no fee" advice to the former Norfolk Dynamo.

Margaret Thatcher, incandescent at the Dale let down, was overheard screaming into her Blackberry. "Find me Guido Staines!"

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