Sunday, June 21, 2009

BBC Paper Review: Dale Wants Cam Bull In China Shop

Chilling to note that nowhere man Dave Cameron apparently, according to Iain Dale wittering on the above programme last night, where he also trailed his Sir Alan Gravyfirst for Speaker wager, recommends heavy handed imperialist running dog lackey behaviour on the Iran question. Taking sides and condemning other people in other sovereign states out of hand.

Mo Ahmadinejad very likely won the election and very likely the only great dispute is the much smaller margin of victory, the indecent haste to announce that victory, the possible avoidance of a round two, and the lack of openness.

The alternatives are perhaps more charming but politically they're rather similar.

Conservative, anti-West, anti-Zionist, Nationalist and Revolutionary.

Clearly dissent should not be trampled or met with violence. As Obama and Brown and Miliband have stated. Dale and nowhere man Cameron call them out for this. But cheer-leading for civil war plays into the mullahs' hands. Obviously so. Doh!

That Dale is calling for Cameron style sabre-rattling and ignoring the potential effect of that is a rather chilling preview of potential Tory foreign relations. Remember Tory attitudes to apartheid. Wonder whether Cameron and/or Dale sympathised with the Hang Mandela/Bank with Barclays FCS meme. Think of Israel. And Ireland. And even that Falklands thing.

Dale's harrumphing on this is particularly strange when he is wittering on, on the same programme, about the run up to the invasion of a neighbouring nation. Which, like Blair, his Tory people mostly supported with or without the presence of WMDs. They didn't seriously lean on the PMs dodgy dossiers any more than Labour people. Any fool know this was a put up job. But Blair's loyalists AND most Tory elements wanted to twat Saddam anyway.

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