Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Bring Back Derek!: Labour List to Recreational Fragging?

Under Derek Draper Labour List would pick fights with the big beasts of the right-wing blogosphere and stay 90% on message but today I think Alex Smith's version of 'elL has gone native Blearsite and is repeating their briefings first and second hand, for example HERE, and HERE, and HERE.

You'll be doing Iain Dale out of a job Alex. There is an election on TOMORROW people. Wes Streeting and Christine Quigley remind us of this. Only to be buried in more jockeying spin.

"Where Labour-minded people come together" was almost a slogan for the joy of the Derek Draper project-stylee simultaneous orgasm of the "on message".

But if Alex isn't careful it'll get to be an organ that is intent only on recreational fragging ... of the Labour Party. Back to the joy of safe sex, oh people's party.


Gregg said...

From the second one: "a leadership challenge that would reinvigorate the Party."


Chris Paul said...

Indeed, I'll second your manic laughter whoever you may be ...