Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Painted Harlot Tom Harris MP: Toys-From-Pram Blog-Action

Yesterday LOL rather lampooned Tom Harris MP over his bit part in the dying moments of the Right-Winger non-coup of Monday tea time, and onwards to Newsnight. Apparently Newsnight didn't think much of it either, and failed to provide the usual courtesy of slap removal after the brief spell in the limelight.

Poor Tom got in a cab "looking like a painted harlot" as he puts it. Labour Of Love have offered a complementary anecdote in empathy.

Last time I took Mr Harris to task - over his rank attacks on single mums - he seemed amused and repeated my graphic (right). This time he's not happy. Toys have been thrown, albeit in private grief. Because a man asserting his right to speak his brains about Brown doesn't seem to like fellow bloggers speaking ours about Harris:

The first time I tried to get a drink in a pub, aged 18, and a pub where I had a drink and darted regularly during school lunchtimes for 12 months plus, I was refused. Put this down to being part-caked in what you call "girl powder" not to mention "girly eye liner" etc following a school drama. To add injury to insult girlf of the day - Lucia, aged 16 3/4 - was happily served.

On a more serious note I was disturbed to hear via a mutual reader that I'd been removed from your blog roll Tom. Seems that you felt you had to say what you said to Brown and that you had to publish it widely too. Well I felt I had to say what I said too.

It seems pretty miserable to be removing bloggers from your blogroll over a bit of heat from the sidelines. Or was it the Widow Twanky reference that did it? Bringing us back to the "girl powder" etc. Or, worse than that, the comparison with "Our Graham" Stringer?


Paul Halsall said...

It's just a touch childish Chris - an attitude I never really associate with your posting in general.

Matthew Stiles said...

Not only has he removed you from your blogroll he seems to have removed your comment.

Chris Paul said...

Matthew: He moderates all comments does Tom.

Paul: However childish I may be at times - and I do think that the majority of the post in question was serious analysis not satire - it is a strange day when Tom is linking to Guido, as do I, but not to myself. The lesson of "the plot" as plots past is that unity is strength. Failed and drawn out plots are especially damaging.

I don't know what the blessed Tony Blair would have made of it all - I suspect he would be agin it, though counselling an earlier GE than GB is likely to opt for.