Thursday, June 11, 2009

PR Paul Rowen MP: Shameless Hypocrite Discovers Shame

The hitherto entirely shameless fiddler and flex-er of taxpayer financed allowances for party political ends may have finally wised up and realised what a fraud and a fool he has been.

As far as I'm concerned - cleared or not - the Rt Hoon Shahid Malik MP's expenses for his office arrangements don't look at all good. And not to forget the Big FO TV(s)! I'd not have had him back as a Minister so soon, if at all. His judgement has been poor on all this. In my opinion. He's a cock. And I'll be taking a very close look at the report on his apparent exculpation shortly.

Here's today's Daily Mail account of the latest twist in the tale. Thing is PR Paul Rowen MP took it on himself to comment vociferously about the need for transparency over Malik's office costs. How DID that happen Paul? What IDIOT organised that?

But at the link above you'll not find this comment any more. Has the money-grubbing old, only-here-for-the-beer, monster - still body-building towards "larger than life" status - and his team finally come to their potty senses?

PR Paul Rowen MP's expenses scrapes so far identified, from information he has we must assume filtered to give the best possible impression, include:

  • PR Paul Rowen MP has been frequently using his taxpayer funded allowances to pay for adverts that FUND POLITICAL LEAFLETS.

  • PR Paul Rowen MP has been using his taxpayer funded allowances to pay for a POLITICAL-style advert hoarding at Spotland, the home of Rochdale AFC.

  • PR Paul Rowen MP has used his tax payer funded allowances to contribute about one-third to the cost of an "envelope stuffing machine" but, thing is, the part share seems to cover the full cost of any appropriate machine on the market. What on earth has he purchased?

  • PR Paul Rowen MP bought a flat that was apparently TWICE the cost of one purchased by the fibber John Leech MP, and PR's virtually maxxed-out his ACA.

  • PR Paul Rowen MP appears to use his staff allowances to employ FIBBING POLITICAL CAMPAIGNERS, not caseworkers as he is supposed to. There's a bit of a loaves and fishes or BOGOF miracle going on with the budget which seems inadequate for the staff list.

  • PR Paul Rowen MP is BLEATING on and on and on and on about transparency of expenses claims, yet he has given only limited access to his own.

  • PR Paul Rowen MP is also claiming thousands of pounds of allowances from Westminster for his EUROPEAN BEANOS, but he hasn't given even limited access to that information.

  • PR Paul Rowen MP's Register of Member's Interests has been out of date and plain wrong for much of his tenure and appears to be only a PARTIAL record of his runnings.

  • PR Paul Rowen MP gave a contract to a local web design company that produces an online paper and forum that has apparently become even more favourable to him and unfavourable to his opponents since the tax payers' money started flowing to them.

  • PR Paul Rowen MP has an unquantified remunerated relationship with a local Rochdale Property Company - dubbed CORINYA - through their part-owned Ugandan subsidiary.

  • PR Paul Rowen MP claimed TWO YEARS of Councillor allowances from Rochdale MBC after he began drawing a Westminster salary and expenses. He recently claimed it was only one year. A silly error. PR Paul says he gave the winnings to CHARITY, but he has failed to provide an account of this.

  • PR Paul Rowen MP and his local Lib Dem party's supply of political donations, much of it previously routed through Sir Cyril "Smacker" "Slap Up" Smith MBE, or from elected councillors, appears to have DRIED UP. How can that be?

  • PR Paul Rowen MP and his local Lib Dem party have submitted accounts and declarations of donations that are not internally consistent and are incomplete. NO PARTY ACCOUNTS have been submitted for recent years.

  • But in the current context the big one is that:

  • PR Paul Rowen MP rented his office from the local Lib Dem Party who in turn rented from a Lib Dem owned Property Company.

  • PR Paul Rowen MP paid rent for his share of the building, in the only year with full disclosure so far, to the local Lib Dem party funds.

  • PR Paul Rowen MP's rent was between six and seven times the previous rent for the whole space notionally (but not actually) paid by the party.

  • PR Paul Rowen MP's rent was around twice the amount paid by the Party to the eventual landlord, a company owned and controlled by Lib Dem grandees.

  • PR Paul Rowen local party paid head rent to Reform Buildings Limited in that year was largely donated back to local Lib Dem party funds.

  • If this were the way your rap sheet looked, and there were half a dozen expenses-critical letters in the local paper, would you be bleating about Malik's office?


    Rochdale Rapper said...

    and news in the Rochdale Obscurer is that the Reform Buildings now house an alcohol fuelled speakeasy for "party functions" and gettogethers. How very inclusive for those Rochdalians who do not drink on religious or moral grounds.

    Chris "the Spliff" Davies opened it with his bezzer mate (not) Paul Rowen. The photo in the Ob gives the face of the current Rochdale MP the subtle red glow of a knocking shop window lamp.

    So councillors' allowances and various Parliamentary expenses and allowances have been fiddled the rack up the rent of the Drake Street office pile.

    Now there is booze on tap I fear for Hen's liver and remaining sanity.

    If he carries on staying over at thge Drake Street officer by sleeping next to photocopier or couch (kebab/ White Lightning permitting) then is Dodgy Dave going to start paying council tax for his new crash pad?

    Anonymous said...

    some Rochdale Lib Dems have no shame. They have bare faced cheek regarding party donations, corruption and expenses. They seem to enjoy being humiliated and the thrill of possibly getting caught out.

    Some people pay good money for that sort of thing.

    They are called taxpayers.