Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Top Dollar and Mid Beds Fizz: DVD Stand vs CD Expenses Ramper?

Is @davidvanday really planning to stand in Nadine Dorries' Mid Narnia seat? And if so is that stand for selection as the Tory candidate against this raving mythomaniac? Or stand as an Independent?

There's a rather lame caption competition at "Orange" who are sponsoring the boy's complexion. But sadly Leighton Buzzard Online appear to have got cold feet.

This Guardian link has the top Dollar hope fool in his own words:

"I am very much looking forward to meeting the residents of Mid Bedfordshire, and am delighted to be visiting Woburn," he said. "It will be great to see the town that boasts the famous Woburn Abbey and Safari Park."
"However, I still urge Nadine to stand down in the wake of the expenses scandal. If she doesn't, then I will stand against her under the ticket of 'no expenses'.
"The public have had enough of these politicians. I call upon Nadine to do the decent thing and announce that she will not stand for election."

Here's Sky News, and Liberal Conspiracy, and Lib Demmer Bridget Fox who was on the radio with the blond bimbo. Van Day that is. He explained he wouldn't take expenses from the tax payer but would take subs from local businesses instead.

There have been times when reading of the launch of some local business or other on the raving mythomaniac Nadine's blog you might even think that Nadine was on to that wheeze already. Though she would also tell us that she never actually knew who donations to her association were from ... Here's my DVD caption:

Yes, it's true, I'll claim no expenses. Not one penny of taxpayers' money will cross my moat. But I'll be available for sponsorship ... in fact I've started. Close run thing with Tango, but Orange sponsor my political complexion.

Improvements, which can mention Ms Dorries, in comments please.

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