Sunday, July 12, 2009

Battle For Number 38: Keen & Keen vs Phoenix and Others

Been a quiet few days really blog-wise. There are some stories bubbling under up here in Greater Manchester, in Bristol, in Mid Bedfordshire, in Fife and indeed in West London which I may get through soon. Conceivably a national game changer or two in the works. All this back log of brilliance on top of the impossible ask of trying to keep Fanny Iain Dale honest. Something I may have to cut back on. Here's a summary:

Iain Dale's blog is filled with mistakes, deceits, conceits, self-aggrandisement, padding, link bait, and twaddle. Popular, but empty calories. He's not a bad man. Not like Blaney. There's the odd story, the odd insight. But generally it's a case of "never mind the quality feel the width". Too much "noise" and not enough "signal".

Perhaps I can leave it at that for a while? Apart from one or two things in draft. We'll have to wait and see.

In West London stands this door. To it inter alia has been pinned a list of demands. But these are not exactly Lutheran in their philosophy or worthiness. Beer, food, snouts and weed seems to be the gist. Number 38 has been squatted. Number 38 is one of the Keen MP plus Keen MP "Keen to Win" portfolio of properties. I've been tipped off on FIVE in London town alone. Plus one right up country. There may be others. Perhaps not 37 others. But who knows? They've been prolific I'm told.

Dr Rupa Huq, who lives within striking distance, had a good background post and some pictures, including this one. I'm feeling it in my bones that there'll be more tomorrow.

UNIVERSITY CHALLENGE: Which allegedly foul-mouthed school-running Government Minister and former NUS Occupational Hazard formed part of the mythology of the Number 38 Squat. early doors? SUPPLEMENTARY: Put these ministerial blandishments in the correct order: "Parasites", "Fucking", "Bunch of", "You're Just A".

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