Saturday, July 18, 2009

Norfolk Tories: Wasting More Paper, Ink and Fossil Fuels

Not-so-secret Lib Demmer Nich Starling of Norfolk Blogger fame accuses the Tories of wasting even more time and scarce carbon fuels in Norfolk than we already knew about. Hat tip: Alix Mortimer / @alixmortimer.

UPDATE 21:14: Lib Dems have upped the ante in the battle for Nich's vote by actually featuring him and his family on a blooming smudgy April Pond leaflet (right), putting words into his mouth. Quite a bit of work personalising every leaflet. And more impressive than a special gas-guzzling visit. This is reckoned to be the Lib Dem's twelfth of the campaign already ... with four nay five days still to go.

NOT MANY Labour items up on the excellent By-Elections Blog. Playing cards close to our chest?


Rochdale Rapper said...

the leaflet syle looks familiar. It wasn't printed by Rochdale Liberal Democrat Printing Society was it?

Favours for sailors who pay into the Lib Dem pot?

"Adverts" from the MP?

£4000 a year paid out of Parliamentary expenses to pay the regional party for "services"?

Perhaps it only happens in Rochdale? The dirty rats.

Rochdale Rapper said...

Oh and the cuddly "inclusive" Liberals" do like that "local" tag don't they?

"Our candidate - Born and Bred in the town" is another chant favoured by both the Rochdale Lib Dems...and the BNP.