Thursday, July 09, 2009

Speccie Coffee House: Spinning Web of Deceit For Cameron

James Forsyth at the Speccie Coffee House blog piles up dodgy argument upon iffy foundation to predict that Andy Coulson will not only survive this week and next, but also the firm term of a Tory government. Here you go. In a nutshell, and this is nuts, he gives three reasons:

  • 1. Important enough to Cam project that they'll expend political capital to protect him. Albeit nausing hard-bitten back backbenchers;
  • 2. Newspapers won’t follow this story for fear of blowback; few papers have entirely clean hands after all;
  • 3. Most political journalists won’t burn bridges with the sleazer Coulson or the Murdoch empire. Not even Gordon Brown wants to upset Murdoch.

  • Labour of Love pondered this trite tosh for ages, almost ten seconds:

    You think Coulson will survive? And not because he is innocent? But because he is good at his job i.e. sleazer in chief? So he will me in charge of making the case for the Tories being clean and bright, honest and changed, not sleazers? Is that it? I'd have to disagree.

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