Thursday, July 09, 2009

Stephen Newton: As Super Hero "PR Consultant Man"

You may know Stephen Newton for his Chorlton diaries or for Buffing Paul Dacre's Banana (the top sleaze in the Mail, extracted and prettied up), but he has once again slipped into a phone box and transformed to PR Consultant Man only to reveal: "More than 300 journalists named in unlawful trade in private data". In essence:

And yet this is terribly old news: in May 2006 the Information Commissioners’ Office claimed to have the names of 305 journalists who unlawfully traded in personal information. That claim was made in a report to parliament, What price privacy? (see paragraph 1.8 and elsewhere), but made no impact on our media establishment.

The Guardian and Newsnight etc have broken ranks. Bloggers too are rampant. Apart from Coulson's sock puppets who pretend there's nothing to see.

Will the festering sewer of inky sleazers finally get their comeuppance and a good flushing down the pan?

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