Friday, September 04, 2009

Butty Slackers at Rochdale RAW: Questions, Questions, Questions

Those nutty slackers over at Rochdale RAW are on crackling form with their standard pre-Christmas fare of stuffing, turkey and sprouts. They're full of innuendo those nutty boys, they really are. Though even PR Paul "Sue Me Own Shadow" Rowen MP probably wouldn't take these loons on on in court.

Presumably though we'll see him in court soon chastising, lambasting and impoverishing the colloquially "crackers" Rochdale Labour flier writers who have had the temerity to question his ample allowances claims, to comment on the MP gravy train, to opine that in colloquial terms only Mr Rowen was "bananas" making such a fuss over being bang to rights paying for a banana for some lucky lad's lunchbox. That must be up soon?

Just out of interest I've put a first XI of questions to the red RAW boys and their clinically "bonkers" readership :

  • 1. How did Paul Rowen come to be a paid Director and shareholder of Corinya (Uganda) Limited?
  • 2. Other Directors include a chap from Kenya, where PR Paul has it seems recently completed a busman's holiday scrubbing orphanage outhouse toilets or something of that ilk, and Directors of Corinya Limited / Corinya Holdings (like snapper Hans Peter pictured on the job) which is highly active in Rochdale and the NW. What is his relationship now and in the past with these people and their property company?
  • 3. How did Corinya limited come to be the landlords for a substantial council office, and is it true that this was during PR Paul's tenure as Leader, Senior Councillor and/or MP? Are there any other fiscal relationships with RMBC?
  • 4. What exactly is Corinya (UG) Limited's relationship with the Suubi Orphanage near Entebbe in Uganda? And what about the Directors and Rochdaleans of Corinya Limited back in the constituency?
  • 5. Who are the Directors and shareholders now and in the past near and distant of the Rochdale Reform Buildings Limited which appears to be the landlord of (a) Rochdale Lib Dems (b) Rochdale Labour Group (c) Paul Rowen MP (d) Their own world HQ (e) Commercial tenants?
  • 6. How did this organisation come into being and come to own its past and present holdings?
  • 7. Who or what are the Cobden Bright Trust which appears to be an unincorporated, unregistered, non-charity, un publically audited, unaccountable organisation and which has given money to Rochdale's Lib Dems?
  • 8. What was the full history of Sir Cyril Smith MBE's share holding in the Turner Companies?
  • 9. Out or purely prurient interest, were Paul Rowen MP and the convicted child rapist and killer Ronald Castree - saved from earlier conviction by inept/corrupt police, by an inept barrister the former Tory Home Secretary and asbestos apologist David Waddington, and by "hurry up" "string him up" messages from Sir Cyril - in any contact as fellow and approximately contemporary Liberal children and young members of the borough?
  • 10. What other business interests, Directorships, shareholdings, property etc is in the name of Sir Cyril Smith MBE, his family and his associates?
  • 11. Why won't Rochdale MBC now answer straightforward FOIA requests related to the Knowl View SEN Children's Home, famous through it's associated paedophile and intra-mural child sex activity, through its association with procurement of boys for the Smith Street "Cottage" and rough trade, through its continued poor performance and eventual inflagration? We're only asking how many staff were put on gardening leave and for how long, and who was on the various committees involved. We've had some tip offs is all.

    In the dugout:
  • 12. Why are Rochdale Lib Dems not submitting annual accounts when their tithe on their Council group alone appears to generate amounts well in excess of the threshold?

  • You can answer over there and/or here if you know what's what in the murky underworld of Rochdale Libdemology - below there's the game Mr Rowen using part of his taxpayer slush fund hoarding to er, pay for a useless hoarding - and not to forget false idol Cyril Worship.

    UPDATE Sat 11:30: Switched points 9 and 10 to make copy flow better in Firefox.


    Anonymous said...

    I see Rochdale has hit the national headlines once again this week for all the wrong reasons.

    Last week it was for putting up Christmas lights in August.

    This week it turns out the council pays people to use the lift.

    Is this one of Greg Couzens' famed efficiencies? Or do these only apply when he's screwing the vulnerable, elderly and the like by slashing adult care, cutting meals on wheels etc.

    Incidentally, did you know that Cyril Smith was unable to claim any kind of lift allowance in Westminster? That's because he couldn't get in the lift! Which is why he stayed at home in Rochdale wandering round the market in his slippers buying tripe instead...

    Anonymous said...

    Cyril was always fat. But was it the prophylactic cocktail of bromide and oestrogen that made him really swell up like a bastard?

    Throwaway Cameron said...

    That Hans Peter looks reminiscent, like one of those Abu Graib guards. Lindy England was it? is he taking a picture of torture, humiliation and nudity of his enemies?

    Chris Paul said...

    I think I heard that Cyril was supposed to be sharing an office with the pie-phobic John "six pack" Prescott in some corner of the palace of westminster, but as anonymous 11:11 stated he (Cyril) literally couldn't fit in the lift to get to his "work".

    He told the people of Rochdale that he hardly went in to work because he missed Rochdale so much - dossing about in Rochdale that is! Sitting on his fat arse in Rochdale! Eating figure hugging cheese and onion pies and flans in Rochdale!

    Truth was he was so useless and incompetent he wouldn't even raise a stand or a murmur against having an unsuitable office. Turners probably couldn't be bothered to write him a speech for that. Preferred him where they could see him. And keep him sweet.

    The other thing I heard is that when Cyril went in to hospital recently after a fall or a scare or something the Lib Dems put out a press release SLAGGING OFF the NHS in Rochdale.

    When Cyril got better they placed a story saying what marvellous care he had had. Are they bananas?

    Incidentally as well as a flurry of evasively answering two and three month old questions on the Rowen Online forum PR Paul has also been registering verbal diarrhoea on his own website.

    Particularly wooing Asian voters after all those unfortunate incidents with his lager-lout assistant and his non-attendance at Gaza events.

    Is anyone going to Bournemouth to keep an eye on the beer-swilling chancers at this year's conference?

    Fee Fyffes Foe Thumb said...

    There is a rumour that Martin Bell will be down there wearing a yellow suit.

    Poor Paul is down in the dumps. Infamy, infamy...they have all got it infamy.

    Even that Greg Couzens.