Saturday, September 26, 2009

EXCLUSIVE Iain Dale: Caught Up In Partisan Twaddle Shock

Iain Dale hasn't blogged anything for 25 hours! But the last things he did blog was twaddle. However much he may dislike the Times journalist who found a clump of 28 shiny bright Tory PPCs working in Public Affairs, some newly employed there after selection, the man's story is of some interest. Doesn't merit Mr Dale's OTT assertion that he has suggested in any way that lobbyists are akin to child molesters.

Certainly LOL think it unlikely that had the break down been 28 Labour, 7 Conservative and who cares about the Lib Dems then Iain would be having a right old dig. As he has done fairly often on the allegation that 99.9% of all Labour MPs (well, wasn't it 20% actually) come from SpAd, Councillor, Public Affairs or MP helping backgrounds. At least Guido is consistent on this. He thinks Lobbyists in Public Affairs are ****s whatever party they come from. Here's Iain's partisan twaddle.


tory boys never grow up said...

I think it's what Coulson calls a spoiler - although not a very one.

I suspect Iain is in the process of getting very close to his mentors at present so as to aid the cause during the Conference serioes - witness hos attmpt to big up the Expenses book.

Give the man a safe seat!

Chris Paul said...

Perhaps IDS Chigwell seat will prove available??

tory boys never grow up said...

He's on the shortlist for the Bracknell - open primary.

Should Labour supporters gatecrash??

Chris Paul said...

And do what? Make sure he gets in? Rely on Dale's ability to throw away 10,000 votes?

tory boys never grow up said...

He's not daft our Iain it's got a 12,000+ majority - so he should just scrape in!