Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Another Tour de Force: Prezza Reveals Tory Housing Con

Another Tour De Force from Former Deputy PM, New Labour window dressing, tweeter extraordinaire on Go Fourth. The YouTube above is a little hard to view there, so reproduced above, or at it's YouTube Home at which, incidentally you can also easily find JP's other videotastic exploits. A couple of extracts:

You could say this is a rogue council. But what amazed me is that Grant Shapps, London Tory Council Leaders and the Boris Johnson's Deputy Mayors, attended a secret meeting to discuss social housing under the Tories. Also attending that meeting was Stephan Greenhalgh, the leader of Hammersmith and Fulham who openly advocates the abolition of Social Housing.


They say estates are ''barracks for the poor," "hard to get rid of," "what is a poor person," "how brave will politicians be on rent control and tenue" and they need to "knock it down and start again."

And most telling of all "The sacred cows need to be shot."

This is the REAL Tory Housing Plan.

Grant Shapps said he wanted to turn Britain into a "nation of homebuilders." He actually meant a nation of home movers - moving people out of their communities and out of Tory constituencies.

Looks like the spirit of Dame Shirley Porter still lives on in the Tory Party.

Dame Shirley Porter, Godmother of all Tory housing sleazers, being the gazillionaire fugitive former Conservative Council leader and law-breaker and bad-debter who bribed residents with homes for votes. Googles up a storm.


Anonymous said...

New Labour window dressing?

More like New Labour window licker.

Cash for Votes said...

Dame Shirley had a lot in common with Cyril Smith. They were both convinced that voters were mugs that thrived off asbestos.

Rochdale Rapper said...

and Cyril was very keen on council house deals in the 1960's - all 20 odd stone of him sat on both the housing committee and the planning committee.

Were did those brown envelopes from the national civil engineering companies end up? Under the bed at Emma Street or tied up in company springs?