Saturday, October 24, 2009

Jane Bown: Bevan and Gaitskill Walking Down Brighton Promenade

The above is a low res but nonetheless evocative detail of Jane Bown's 1957 picture of Bevan and Gaitskill walking down the Prom in Brighton. The picture has its own homepage at the National Portrait Gallery, and its one of the 1957 online thumbnails, albeit flipped.

At Guardian enterprises one can grab a book (£20), or print (£450 inc). Bown's exhibition Exposures runs until 21 November at the King's Place Art Gallery. Or for the moment one can make do with the above.

Inspired by the Stilletoed Socialist Bevanite Ellie whose signature Video follows:

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The Grim Reaper said...

The modern Left has completely lost its way. It has absolutely no idea how to deal with the many problems this country faces, usually preferring to contribute to them through methods that have failed countless times.

The Left has much to be proud of - establishing the NHS, for example. Even as someone who defines himself as a right-of-centre libertarian, I think the Left can be proud of the minimum wage. I can't imagine that any government will dare scrap it.

The Labour Party used to be filled with the workers. Now it's just filled with more of the rich who would previously have joined the Tory Party. Example - the postal workers strike. Led by the CWU, led by Bill Hayes, who earns £100k a year. Not exactly a miner's salary, is it?