Thursday, October 29, 2009

Nadine Dorries MP: Must Explain Own Libels and Family Values

So, the utter tool Damian McBride has decided to avoid the litigation risk of testing his disgraceful Guido Fawkes / Paul Staines alike smearologist behaviour in the libel court and has paid an undisclosed sum (£1,000 we're told) to Ms Nadine Dorries MP, report sSky News.

Rather as Murdoch's The Sun has joined The Mail in settling undisclosed damages on Tom Watson MP after a cartoonist and two leading reporters repeated libels being made willy nilly by inter alia Paul Staines, Iain Dale and Nadine Dorries herself, and inter alia live on Sky News and BBC News Channel, as Sky News doesn't report at all right here.

In fact Sky's sister act The Sun possibly isn't even going to report their own apology, which occurred yesterday. But The Sun lawyers' PDF grovel and news of substantial damages (£25,000 we're told) PDF is HERE. Well done Carter Ruck!

Nadine says the first hurdle in clearing her name is down. My response to SkyNews follows, they may even publish it. But just in case they don't it is right here. Basically a summary in 1000 chars of yesterday's exclusive:

Isn't the idea of hurdles that one "clears" them not knocks them down? Ms Dorries is a nightmare. She put her own name out. But clearly Ms Dorries - whose "main home" arrangements are also dubious according to the Telegraph - has shown that Mr McBride could not prove his nonsense about Ms Dorries.
Her daughter Jennifer is telling people an absolutely ridiculous figure for her parliamentary wages from mum. Probably twice the going rate. Twice what Conway was paying IIRC. Her big sister Philippa is the one listed in the RMI Part 2 for 2-9 and also 14-10 though she is believed to be in Australia.
But Jennifer - mentioned in HoC on 06-07-09 as hopeless unemployed graduate is now being paid sackfuls of taxpayer money for a job she says herself she has little clue about performing. And little experience. And no interview or selection process. That's the scandal. By employing two of her kids who have little skills, knowledge or experience Ms Dorries is now screwing the taxpayer.

  • UPDATE 17:52: Seems Staines denies ever framing Watson on this one; I thought Iain Dale had blamed him for his own repeated all day gaffes about, was it?, the two offensive McBride emails being copied to him, which they palpably were not, and which eventually ended up with the Mail getting into big trouble over a Dale authored twaddle piece they failed to spike. I must have been wrong. So, apologies to Paul Staines, the untouchable hardest-working-smearologist among #Conbloggers. No offence. Also added apparent values of damages:

    Respectively 2% of a daughter-wage and 50% of a daughter-wage. Based on assertions from said daughter. And reports.

  • UPDATE 18:02: SkyNews yet to publish my second comment. So here it is:

    The last word was "taxpayer" by the way, not some unfortunately redacted individual. In answer to Peter Grimes' question for Tim I suppose it is possible that Mr Watson does have more legals up his sleeve. He has won substantial damages, full legal costs and a groveling apology from both The Mail and your sister act The Sun. That latter win was YESTERDAY in open court. Seems to me that as this was related to the same case it might be good to see Sky News also carrying that? Or is it a case of bashing Labour? And not referring to one's own team's libels. Those stories of course came - as I suspect Tim may have pointed out - from sources close to the Con party.


    Guido Fawkes said...

    Guido never said Watson was in on the emails, because I knew better. if I had, no doubt Two Dinners would have sued me.

    Don't get all defamatory on me now.

    jailhouselawyer said...

    £1,000 is what Guido is claiming amounts to substantial damages. Put in context, this only amounts to nominal damages. Tom Watson on the other hand did receive substantial damages of £25,000.

    Constantly Furious said...

    Chris, the banner. The "Osborne-wrong" meme?

    Obviously HQ forgot to tell you - its not being used after all.

    Turns out it was Gordon who was wrong about recession and recovery. That's why we're still suffering, even though every other - not "best placed" - nation is now out of recession.

    And no-one on the team wants to bring that to the public's attention, do they?

    Chris Paul said...

    Hi Constantly Furious, welcome - you're quite wrong of course. As we all well know Osborne was calling for anything but what was being done here and in the rest of the world. Cuts, devil take the hindmost, no public stakes in banks, let them go bust, oh and fuck the poor - the natural result of his "ideas".

    As a service providing economy and given the effects of currency and FTSE runnings on the GDP figures I wasn't too surprised with the modest negative growth. The Chancellor wasn't either. Some other socialists and indeed journos and economists of left, right and none were surprised. But not I.

    And I think that our economy had quite a lot of what tailors and dress makers call "comfort" - all those city boy bonuses and so on - unlike some of if not most of the OECD comparators.

    I don't think that in real life this is either the longest or deepest recession since the war. Anyone of my age (51) who has had their eyes and ears open must find these very strange assertions or artefacts of whatever models are being used.

    Anyways, HQ can change the banner whenever they want. They can push media to it as and when. But for now they're dead right. -0.4% growth vs 12/12 ago, or not. You do realise there *was* growth don't you? compared to the last couple or three quarters? You do realise that?

    Osborne looks weak and conniving and plain wrong. End of.

    Jimmy said...

    Far be it from me to defend Guido but Dale did in fact identify Guido is the person who corrected him. Dale claims IIRC a "senior labour source" framed Watson. If course why he would continue to shield this miscreant after being set up is very curious.

    Chris Paul said...

    Fair enough Jimmy. But I think we have to consider however that of all the "sayables" from a caught out naughty #conblogger the assertion that "a big boy did it" and further "it was a big boy from another school" do spring to mind. Both Guido and Dale get on high horses re churnalism and MSM outing iffy sources, but they never but never do it. Dale is IMO prone to fibs, and both are prone to half-fibs. Actually Guido is probably slightly more likely to double source stories, but they don't do much of that either. And Guido makes out he can libel all he wants because his server is in Lord Ashcroft's garage in Belize ... or some such.

    Chris Paul said...

    PS If Dale is truthing re LP source ... which I doubt ... think little chipmunks and window dressers ... and their agents.

    Jimmy said...


    I suspect it's the same mystery MP who tells all the tory bloggers what happens at PLP meetings.