Thursday, October 15, 2009

Twit For Brains: M.E.N. Postbag Raises Leech to Labour

An interesting postbag printed today in the Manchester Evening News. About the appalling fascist English Democrat Fascist Front (EDL) and their costly and unwelcome demonstration. Read all about it (Postbag frontpage). But one letter begs a question about the Postbag editor's general knowledge and good sense. Do they have twit for brains?

John Leech (right) is not now and has never been a Labour Party member, as far as LOL know. And we don't twitting want a man who would LIE to cancer patients that their hospital was under threat of closure. And who still refuses to apologise for getting it wrong.

A man who also had no compunction in taking £23,000 and the rest from a pensioner woman to fund his campaign. Or paying way under market value for a London flat, exploiting another pensioner in that case too. Total hypocrisy is right. But not in the way the letter writer and the twit-for-brains editors seem to think. Here goes:

Thursday, 15 October 2009
Total hypocrisy

SURELY I am not the only reader appalled at the breathtaking hypocrisy of John Leech, Labour MP for Withington. (Racist league, postbag, Friday 9 October). On the one hand he is a member of a party which is quite happy to send British soldiers to their death in Afghanistan and Iraq in the fight against Islamic fundamentalism. Yet, when the English Defence League seeks to exercise its democratic right to make the British people aware of what it sees as the same threat in Britain Mr Leech seeks to whip up mob hysteria to deny them this basic liberty. As a politician in a democratic society he should understand that freedom of speech is the right even of those whose views we abhor. Mr Leech is another opportunist trying to save his political skin by cynically jumping on the current liberal bandwagon.

Joseph O’Neill, Bolton

In fact Leechy was a bit of a hypocrite on these wars. We didn't see him turning out for anti-war demonstrations in 2001 or 2002 or 2003 or 2004 or indeed 2005 ... only after his election did he noticeably put his best foot forward. Nor did we see him or his party condemning fascist parties. Now he's all over the anti-war and anti-fascist cause as an odd Johnny come lately. Jumping on the banned wagon in this case.

Leechy also got it well wrong when he claimed that Lord Bradley then plain Keith had voted for the war. In fact the Hon K Bradley MP voted in exactly the same way as the Lib Dem party in the critical last two votes on the matter.

While LOL would have to agree with Mr O'Neill's last words:

Mr Leech is another opportunist trying to save his political skin by cynically jumping on the current liberal bandwagon.

We would also have to point out that Mr Leech is a complete disgrace over the Christie Hospital closure hoax and much else. And we certainly don't want him pretending to be Labour.


Beg the Question said...

Begging the question does not mean asking the question.

When one begs the question, the initial assumption of a statement is treated as already proven without any logic to show why the statement is true in the first place.

Pedantic but correct.

PS Leech is a tit.

Chris Paul said...

Yes, they have twit for brains. We know that. Question begged in accordance with above pedantry.

Question Beggar said...

An example of begging the question would be: that Leech has shafted Rowen by spilling some of the beans to a journalist, what is going to happen next?