Friday, November 27, 2009

Nuts in November: Nadine, Q 55, Rochdale PPC on Merit?

Before we get back to the serious questions can you please answer this one:

  • Question 55: A little bird told me that as well as Hazel Grove you were lined up to stand in Rochdale. Sounds about right. Lab 40% Libs 40% Tories 10% last time out, 50 years since Tories ruled the earth there, leaving Cyril Smith aside, that's about right .. on merit. But is it true Nadine? Is it true?

  • This would explain how you came to be available to be parachuted in to Mid Beds at the last minute. You made your Bed .. and lied in it!


    Hargreaves Stott said...

    Cyril Smith, Trippy Daves(Trippier and Hennigoon), Charles Edward Lord, The Hothouses and now the revelation that Ma Dorris could have graced the banks of the Roch with her fragrant presence.

    Is Rochdale a breeding ground for deluded Tory weirdos?

    Chris Paul said...

    Still no word from "somewhere else" where Nadine maintains her "main home" or Woburn where she actually lives at our expense. This would be quite a revelation though wouldn't it? Time to check the ley lines if it checks out.

    There is another David of course - in the vicinity - Waddington, now Baron W - who was a Tory Home Secretary, a big noise in the many and varied Lodges of East Lancashire, the Tory lead in one of the big asbestos debates, and the completely and utterly useless defence barrister for the ill-used Stefan Kiszko, jailed for a crime which he clearly didn't do, even given the evidence at the time.

    This miscarriage quite coincidentally - I must stress that, though the odds are eastronomic and have been calculated - leaving the scion of one of Cyril Smith's greatest supporting families - the Castrees - on the loose in the region.

    Question now I suppose is whether poor old Mid Beds is going to lose another MP, in this case a Mum-P, over either allowances problems or otherwise early retirement.

    Rochdale Rapper said...

    who administered the share transfer for Cyril Smith of that T&N stock in 1982.

    It wasn't Dave Trippier's family firm of stackbrokers was it?

    Or did the 1200 share just come through the post to Emma Street in a brown envelope?

    MJX Pornography said...

    Does Porn-O still want to stand for the Tories in Rochdale?

    Anonymous said...

    he has no chance.

    Chris Paul said...

    Although they have yet to even announce a selection process for Rochdale, as far as I have seen, they do seem to have a PPC in place. Mr Cllr Ashley Dearnley - not a candidate for ennoblement, purlease Conservative Home - has been going round apologising for their man. And no it's not the criminally supported by taxpayer dollars Malcolm Porn-O.

    That's "criminal" in a colloquial sense btw. As far as I know there is still no law against an MP hiring an incredibly partisan local publisher and pornographer to spend some of his Parlaimentary Communications Allowance with.

    It would be immoral, and a terrible conflict of interest, and against all kinds of honour codes no doubt, but probably not criminal at this stage. Even if the aim is to help a jumped up deputy head teacher and all round tosser pass GE and collect another Million Pound bonus from the taxpayers.

    Anonymous said...

    Wasn't Ashley once caught inflagrante behind a dry stone wall?