Thursday, November 05, 2009

Nuts in November: Question 4, Nadine, Tell Us About Paul

Running a bit late. Sorry folks. A trip to Hazel Grove yesterday was very mellow and fruitful. And Google action has been bracing, needing a resolute approach, but turned out nice. But we did promise a Question 4 for Nadine in the Nuts in November series. And we did suggest in various tweets that Nadine's erstwhile partner Paul Dorries would be a feature.

I'll warn you now Nadine. This is an easy peasy question, with a supplementary of equal facility. We've reviewed the news trail you leave behind you and we must confess we're finding some of the Bargery/Dorries PR and myth-making hard to penetrate.

Question 4 We're confused Nadine. Apparently you got married to Paul Dorries in Africa some 25 years ago and immediately carried the blushing groom over the threshold back to England. How did that work then? Was there a real wedding? A white wedding perhaps? Do you have pictures? I made my commitments in jeans myself, there's no shame in that. I'll show you mine etc. Or was it some kind of $50 Reno quickie elopement ship's captain thingie? Please don't be offended. We're only asking.

Question 4a, Supplementary We're still confused Nadine. Are you and Paul divorced as some stories have it? Or just separated as others say? Or more properly estranged? Or still in many respects part of the same unit? How on earth have you disentangled your family finances? And can it be right that your oppo has been getting some form of alimony/palimony out of your parliamentary pay and allowances? As you hinted manfully as the Telegraph pushed for answers? Has Paul Dorries ever been on the Dorries MumP taxpayer payroll?

Or is it perhaps just a case of main home/second home child minding, main home/second home house sitting, main home/second home dog walking as LOL have stated every now and then?

A lot of questions Nadine. Good value this Nuts in November project. Please do your best.

  • Drafted 4 November, tweaked this morning. With a good deal now carried over for subsequent Nuts in November questions.
  • We plan to add a pic or two and perhaps some links later. Above, actual Zambia wedding picture. Note the elephants are NOT "in the room".

    Jimmy said...


    I like your blog and agree that Dorries has legitimate questions to answer on nepotism, but I can't help feeling that this is now taking a gratuitously unpleasant turn. I cannot see how the break-up of her marriage is anybody else's business.

    Try and remember, we're supposed to be the good guys.

    Chris Paul said...

    Thanks for your comment Jimmy - I disagree.

    I am trying to clarify all sorts of aspects of Nadine's wonky CV. There is hardly a line in it that stands up to scrutiny unscathed.

    On the question of her marriage (and "work") in Zambia and on much else there are all sorts of questions of judgement and honesty that arise.

    Not to mention her main home/second home arrangement in which Mr Dorries is I think (still) rather involved.

    This is Q4 of 30 and you will see by the end of the month, or sooner if I accelerate things, how Mr Dorries is very relevant indeed.

    benchilltory said...

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