Saturday, January 30, 2010

Apropos of Nothing: Jilted Dave Says Gordon Is A Moron

Just because Gordon's got the Julie [@SarahBrown10], and a command of all the economic and fiscal judgements, and a mastery of all the top policies of fairness and justice, and what's more a hell of a rally in the polls. Tonight Gordon (above, right aka Bernard Kelly), a most successful and amiable man, was encountered in Chorlton, M21 and was on top form. As is Gordon. Jilted Dave can go swivel on this. Shows finger. Grrrrrr.

Incidentally the history of Rabid and Absurd Records must be wrot. Innit?


Get Real said...

just the sort of music a young Bullingdon rebel would enjoy as an Eton punk. A good start before being a cokehead in advertising in that there London .

(Other caffine beverages may be available - eg Pepsi, Rollacolla, crack)

Northern Soul said...

The PM's first name isn't Gordon. It is James.

Now having James Brown as our PM would be COOL!