Thursday, January 21, 2010

Cameron on Cameron: For What It's Worth In T'North

The place: T'North. The product: Cameron in his own words. The verdict: Can't give it away. Hardback, first edition, RRP £9.99. Image courtesy of Poundland, Rochdale.


Anonymous said...

I spotted it in my local Poundland, sitting alongside books from Gordon Brown, Cherie Blair and John Prescott

Perhaps everyone's getting a bit tired of politicians?

channel islands luxury villa rental said...

It is probably propaganda and why would people pay for propaganda when you can get it for free.

Izal said...

How soft is the paper?
does it have perforations?

Tory Job Blow said...

Dave is wearing a tie in the photo.

But he is missing the board with his crime number on it (in the style of Hugh Grant).

Anonymous said...

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Got one in Hounslow branch months ago, along with Anthony Seldon's "History of the Conservative Party". Some might say both were about 98p too much.

Charlie said...

A shelf on Poundland - That is the closest Eton dave will ever get to Rochdale.