Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Beau Bo D'Or on Nadine Dorries MP: Long Lost Bashir Interview

So, interviewed in her main home perhaps? Er, not. That looks like it's mum's house in Lancashire. According to the Daily Telegraph there was a brief moment in which the Princess of the Blogs (sic) was putting out the impression that this might be her "main home".

Miles from her constituency, miles from London, miles from her Liverpool and Knowsley and Warrington and .. fast forward .. former Cheshire and Cotswolds homes. Didn't make any sense that. And it wasn't quite true.

So where is this "main home" of hers? None of the legal addresses and ex- addresses in Stratford-upon-Avon are the one it seems. Even if cash changed hands to support them. But nonetheless we're getting warm.

Somewhere handy for the Tragi-Comedy of the Royal Shakespeare Company? Close enough to pop round for a cup of sugar from a would be Prime Minister? Not far from the not so Gorgeous debacle of Chipping Campden High Street?

My sixth sense tells me that whereas one could swing a full grown cow around in her current constituency home, the "main home" that's "somewhere else" in the Cotswolds is such a teensy pied a terre that a small rat could not be swung, even by a bijou Mum-P. The world turned upside down and inside out by Council House Nads.

Actually posted at 23:13.


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Bryony Victoria said...

I'd have thought Nads lived in a urine stained box at the side of the M1 somewhere the way she goes on about what a "normal, poor, disadvantaged" person she is, every five seconds on cue.

Anonymous said...

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