Saturday, February 13, 2010

EXCLUSIVE: Paul and Nadine Dorries Home Repossessed?

Currently Ms Nadine Bargery-Dorries Mum-P's Part 1 Register of Members Interests says only "nil". There are ten main sections.

In no particular order. No property that is not used as main or second home. No significant shareholdings. No paid work outside parliament. No remunerated directorships. No overseas visits. No gifts. No donations. No nothing. And nothing the Mum-P wishes to share that she does not have to. Which would belong in Section 11.

From her election in June 2005 until 10 June 2009 her register of members interests has included just two "spare" properties in each registration. Guidance requires that changes notified speedily. The registered properties against Ms Nadine Bargery-Dorries Mum-P's name for these four years have been:

  • * House in Gloucestershire, from which rental income is received.
  • * Holiday home in South Africa.

  • We may come back to the UK leg of the property empire in another post. As any fool who follows these things knows that there were three properties on Chipping Campden High Street. Which would be two spares, two houses to register. But that these were apparently sold on in 2006 and 2007. It was in the papers and it's all down at the Land Registry.

    But this post is not about that. It is about the Dorries Holiday Home in South Africa. This was apparently subject of a High Court, Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape, South Africa ruling on 6 March 2007, with a Warrant of Execution on 9 March 2007, and a Sale in Execution due to take place at 10:30am on 13 July 2007. The details are on the notice below.

    This is no fun. I've been through something not dissimilar myself around a commercial property owned by an Arts Charity. We managed to sell the property ourselves at the eleventh hour. Perhaps Paul and Nadine refinanced this one?

    However, in response to my earlier mentions of the repossession Nadine Dorries told me in writing, and I quote:

    "As for the houses (sic) in SA, they weren’t mine, they were sold for a profit, as far as I know - but none of it came to me."

    In responses to this I explained about the court ruling - in which she was after all named as a defendant - and the scheduled sale in execution.

    Although I have given Nadine more than 72 hours to comment further or clarify she has chosen not to do so. And sadly she has not provided me with the means of contacting Paul David Dorries that I also requested. I'll probably have to use the blog.

    If this is the same Holiday Home in South Africa as the one in the RMI, and if it was sold in this way, and if the Gloucestershire homes were sold as described in the newspapers would seem that it took towards two years rather than the expected four weeks to update the registrar.

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