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Nadine Dorries MP, How Very Could You? Q17-22 Bargery's Community School

Appeared as part of the Nuts in November series on 13 November 2009.

Strange wasn't it that just as LOL put up some questions for Ms Nadine Dorries MP on her nursing qualification and experience it was announced that new Nursing entrants, from the next intake, will all need to complete the degree route.

Presumably this leaves three cohorts in process on the parallel diploma route with the newest intake completing their diplomas in 2012.

As ever these diploma nurses will I believe be able to learn and earn and take extra exams to achieve graduate status.

Things were very different back in the day when one Nadine Bargery became a pupil nurse. Whether by choosing the second level SEN route, or by it choosing her, LOL understand that this lower qualification is what Nadine held.

We're still waiting for her to confirm that, or otherwise.

Personally thought Nads rather struggled in her 'phoner with Jeremy Vine at 13:10 pm on Thursday. Apparently in the lobby at the HoP between a vote - in which the Cons were whupped - and a trip to the Speccie awards.

Sticking up for the heart of gold practical nurse and extremely sniffy about the plan to give entrants the chance to get a degree to recognise their status and expertise.

We may come back to the "year out traveling" and the couple or three years (agency?) nursing and medical repping later.

But the next item on the Central Casting CV issued when Nadine was standing for Hazel Grove, as a pro-abortion candidate by all accounts, was what looks on the face of it like a considerable spell in Zambia, from 1982 to 1984 the Nads CV suggests. The exact words were:

In 1982 she moved to Africa and established a community school in Zambia.
In 1984 she returned to England, married and had two daughters in 1985 and 1987.

  • These end points can include a period of either just over a year or just under three years. So clearing that up is probably a very good place to start.
  • Question 17: Nadine, can you please clear up the dates that you traveled to and from Zambia and actually lived there?
  • Question 18: Nadine, your Central Casting CV states that you established a "Community School" in 1982. When you were around 25 years old and a prematurely retired practical nurse (and sometime flight attendant) with no experience as an educator and some say scarcely a CSE to rub together from your own schooling. Is that statement actually correct? A Community School? In 1982?
  • Question 19: Nadine, when you told them about this community school of yours I'd imagine they had something in mind like the schools in these pictures? Of actual, real Community Schools in Zambia. Would that be the kind of Community School you established and ran?
  • Question 20: What is the name and location and intake of the School? And who is running this school now?
  • Question 21: Nadine, are you able to to put your hand on your heart and state that there actually was a Community School in the usual sense we understand, that you founded it, and that there is no exaggeration and spin going on?
  • I'll be candid Nadine. That's the kind of researcher I am. Don't like secrets much. The reason I'm asking these questions is that some of your and Paul's well wishers have been insisting, insisting, that all is not as it seems with this little story. Not quite true.
    Even having the temerity to claim that the "Community School" was little more than a child-minding service for the families of expatriate experts and bosses at the Copper Mine. Perhaps a few offspring of senior servants in the mix also.
    How very unkind of them to make such accusations. We need to clear your good name!

    One last question to be going on with:
  • Question 22: These experts and bosses and their wifes and girlfs were people like your own soon to be husband, the Copper Mining Engineer Paul David Dorries. This being the person the Tories state that you married when you returned to England. I'm pretty sure I have a cutting somewhere on the file that states that you married Paul David Dorries in Zambia and then returned. It's hard to keep track! Was it:
    A. A marriage on your return to England as the Tory biographers claim? Or
    B. A marriage that had already taken place in Zambia? Or
    C. None of the above?

    Grrrr. No upload facility just now. I'll be back later or tomorrow to add in some illustrations. UPDATE 00:41: several illustrations and a few tweaks. There may be more. Fettling graphics in list mode can be tricky.

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