Thursday, February 04, 2010

Nadine Dorries MP, How Very Could You? Q56-66 Introducing Doh! Me Silly Ass

  • Question 56: Another throat clearer really. How can it be that your controversially appointed Mum-P's Chief of Staff on self-alleged pay of around £50,000, with pay point relying heavily on her relevant Catering College training no doubt, how can it be that Jennifer Lauren Dorries is STILL not listed in the Nadine Vanessa Dorries Mum-P nepotism declaration in the newly released Register of Members' Interests (Part 2) alongside her big sister Pippa Storm Dorries?
  • Question 57: Would it perhaps be Jennifer Lauren Dorries's job to deal with this minor administrative matter for her Mum-P? Bit of a cock up on the catering front that. Wouldn't you say Nadine?
  • Question 58: Jennifer Lauren Dorries has managed to incorporate herself a one-member Company, about a week before LOL announced her folly in broadcasting her salary and her Mum-Ps "two job" Chief of Staff ruse to the world, down the Sports and Social. What's that about then?
  • Question 59: As it goes JLD is using the same correspondence address you the Mum-P yourself used as correspondence address for your latest little company Director venture. Mr Paul David Dorries created himself a new company from an address just round the corner in the Spring. Do you think that one will ever file reports or financials? Turn over a new leaf from most of the others?
  • Question 60: E.E.S. (UK) Limited was one of those wasn't it? Formed summer 2002, struck off without filing anything at all a week short of two years later. Not long after moving the registered office to Woolstaplers' Hall, Chipping Campden aka Chiseling Expenses? Can you tell the LOL readers what that Company was about?
  • Question 61: There was another formed on the same day called Skillman Limited. Moved registered office - this time to Singer House, Chiseling Expenses - on the same day. Also an ex- Company, perhaps dissolved at the same time also. The database wasn't playing on that one. No reports or financials were ever filed though. Any idea what that one was for Nadine?
  • Question 62: Which brings us back to a couple or three joint ventures, shall we say "mom and pop" ventures? Same deal. Couple of years. No accounts filed. No reports filed. Dissolved with no trace of activity. Childcare related. Which, building on your founding and heading that Community School of yours, is your specialist subject. Not to be confused with Company Kids Limited, the one that went to BUPA. Is that right?
  • Question 63: Of course the Central Casting prospective Mum-P CV we've mentioned before tells us that you were a Director of BUPA. But that's not really right now is it Nadine. You just stayed on the board of Company Kids for a bit didn't you? Quite a short bit at that?

    First appeared as part of the Nuts in November series on 27 November 2009.

  • Question 64: I've also picked up some confusion from yours and Paul's many well-wishers about your being on the Board of one or two other major companies Nadine. Glaxo, Proctor and Gamble, that kind of thing. Were you actually a Director of any of those companies on the QT? Or did your friends and admirers and associates perhaps get the wrong end of the stick?
  • Question 65: All this perceived main board experience would have perhaps been what led Oliver Letwin MP to snap you up as an advisor. Would that be it? What on earth did you ever advise Oliver Letwin on Nadine?

  • Leaving aside Company Kids Limited, still trading under yet another set of new ownership, and leaving aside the three 2009 Dorries enterprises, we have four Dorries companies, two of them "mom and pop" things and none of those ever filed accounts or annual reports. Whatever they may have done or not done .. off the radar.

  • Question 66: The greatest of the mom and pop ventures however is called Domicilias. Phonetically this is something like "Doh! Me Silly Ass". Is that one of those Tory in jokes. Like the inspired Bearwood and Flying Lion? It started life as Jacksons 105 Limited - where did the new name come from Nadine?
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