Saturday, March 20, 2010

Esther Rantzen in the Daily Mail: Thoughts on Nadine's Chum Stephen Rhodes

Esther Rantzen relates the clandestine shenanigans of Stephen Rhodes aka Tommy Keenan aka Tom Bargery (above) and Nadine Dorries akak Nadine Bargery aka "Nadine" in today's Daily Mail. She reveals:

  • How Rhodes summonsed her to a clandestine rendezvous in a car park;
  • Got into her car and had them drive off somewhere more clandestine still;
  • Conspiratorially shared his plan to stand for parliament;
  • Stated that this would not be in Dunstable but in Luton North;
  • Suggested that Rantzen and Rhodes should be a clean up Luton double act;
  • Promised to call, don't men like Tommy always do that?;
  • Failed to call, ditto; and
  • How a Sunday paper (Befordshire on Sunday?) outed his plans for Luton South;
  • How Rhodes/Keenan/Bargery indignantly para-denied this; and
  • The rest is history of course with RKB announcing his candidacy the next day.

  • Meanwhile the @rhodes4luton twitter feed is twittery at its finest. Compare and contrast with esther4luton. RKB actually tweets like an idiot. I'm sure he's not one. But tweets is tweets.

    LOL have yet to see the logic in Esther standing in Luton South. The miscreant Margaret Moran is toast. There are "clean" candidates from all the usual places.

    Clearly the Tories feel they're losing a potential gain for their fire-breathing Thatcherite - the last thing Luton needs - and this, as well as Nadine's romantic entanglement with Rhodes-Keenan-Bargery may help explain these developments. And certainly why they are brow beating Esther to give them a clear run.

    But where is the independent challenge to the ever more ridiculous Ms Nadine Bargery-Dorries Mum-P? Or whoever Dave parachutes in to replace her when further details and indeed further stories emerge in the next week or three.

    Will it be apparent to the electorate of Mid Bedfordshire whether they should risk the radically liberal Lindy Looz or break the habit of their lifetimes and back the Labour man David Reeves with his smallholding and his patriotic Iraq service with the Territorials.

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