Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Mid Bedfordshire: Lindy Looz Comes Out Fighting

Clearly LOL are supporting David Reeves FTW in Mid Bedfordshire. But this appeal for funds from Lindy Looz aka Linda Jack is an interesting development in itself, and by including a direct attack on the incumbent Ms Nadine Dorries Mum-P. And yes, I've checked "Mum-P" is not proscribed during purdah. But Nadine is not an MP at the moment. Hurrah! Never again ought to be the determined view of Mid Bedfordshire.


benchilltory said...

What are the collective sins of the good folk of Withington that deserves such a fate?

lorenzo23 said...

Hope you'll be doing some Withington coverage in the coming weeks. Just clicked on a Google Ad for the Conservatives on your site. Might earn you a few cents.