Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Nadine Bargery Dorries Mum-P: Under Constrictions Not Lifted

Shortly after Ms Nadine Bargery Dorries Mum-P's landslide re-election to the House of Commons - can't they Google or indeed read national newspapers in Mid Bedfordshire? - the plugs were pulled on both her website (parliamentary) and her blog (very unparliamentary) and Ms Dorries also ceased and deleted (she thinks) her Twitter feed.

Eagle eyed Flitwick not Croydon, don't confuse the two of them, videographer Tim Ireland has drawn attention to what he feels is the sad demise in parliamentary standards as a result of this re-election and summary plug pulling. While the identical graphic in both distinct places is correctly spelt the window title, the file title and the tab title all read "Under Constrction".

Unkindly Mr Ireland believes that this is because Ms Dorries' webmeister (paid with your tax for a site that barely ever ticked over) and coincidentally blogmeister (not paid at all for a site that had 8 million hits per hour) cannot spell "construction". To the right is the later, somethingly edited, slab of Nads pics cycled on her blog-head. We at LOL as fans prefer to believe this - as so much else in the Dorries oeuvre - is deliberate ambiguity. We offer this leaked blue-lined proof, signed by Nadine's very good friend and confidante -in-all-things Dave (Cameron) xx, to prove that he in fact wishes to go further and for her to come clean.

Missy is clearly dragging her 5-inch Laboutkin (©immoinc) heels.


benchilltory said...

i see that Ms Dorries has stated that Mr Hand, who has reported her to the commissioner for standards, is unreliable due to "extra curricular recreational habits".
I have always considered myself to be broad minded however i was shocked to discover what these habits were.
The Nadine Dorries story would make a cracking film script with obviously scope for starring roles for RedRum and Shergar.
you couldnt make it up !

Chris Paul said...

you don't have to make it up