Thursday, May 06, 2010

Nadine Bargery-Dorries: Sideways Glance at Nads Smearing Tim

Yet another recording of Nadine being a complete and utter idiot. "Let him stay!" say the people of Mid Bedfordshire. "What's she hiding?" and so on. Very astute banter from audience members. You'll need to turn your monitor or your head or your mobile device on its side.

UPDATE: 10:16 Oh, alright then:

There will be other videos emerging no doubt and people will add links into the comments here. The GlaxoBabies story is very interesting. This was the contract, worth about a third of a million pounds for a year I understand that levered in a couple of other contracts and created the value in the Nadine and Paul company that allowed them to be sold to BUPA.

These were I understand three ONE YEAR contracts. Someone will work out or tell me perhaps how long they had to run when the sale to BUPA was completed. The price of that was rumoured to be £3 million. I have my doubts, (<- important comma) if BUPA knew contracts were so short. But again perhaps someone can work out the sale value, subtract any related borrowings and calculate or estimate what Nadine and Paul actually made.

Anyways, back to the story. Several sources tell me that prior to securing the Glaxo Babies contract our heroes were on their fat arses financially. Really desperate to win some business. Bigging themselves up no end. I'd be willing to wager my last shirt that rather like the CV provided to the Tories in 1999 for the 2001 campaign - risibly inaccurate (LOLs passim) - their pitch and company CV were flexed.

Among the flexes I'm told was a London Headquarters, near Victoria, shiny, impressive, reassuringly expensive. At around the time the Glaxo childcare contract was going through - possibly after heads of terms agreed, or even contract or heads of agreement memo inked - Glaxo suits asked to visit London office.

Oh dear! So what happened? According to sources Nadine and Paul parachuted a small staff and computer team in from their real office to a relatively shiny office nr Victoria, apparently instructed them to look busy - in a room with someone else's workers and PCs and phones and all that jazz - and greeted about four Glaxo suits on site. With the (real) Nads team told to make like busy busy busy.

Once the suits were gone the hustling bustling Nadine and Paul team dismantled their stuff and never again darkened the doors of said office. If this is true - and Nadine or Paul may like to make a statement - then it seems a pretty serious manipulation of the actualité.

Although Nadine and Paul seem to have blued away whatever they did receive with an extravagant lifestyle, a failed 2001 bid for parliament, school fees, frankly ridiculous GUCCI tat shop Gorgeous, and horribly bad large-scale property development disasters, the Glaxo contract and the BUPA sale were it seems the basis of their short-lived fortune, her parliamentary career, and aspects of the old CV e.g. "BUPA Director" (not quite correct) and "successful businesswoman" (ditto) and hence PPC and MP.

So Room 101 Question for Nadine and Paul:

Is it true that your childcare business - the only one of your businesses EVER to file accounts or returns - in the process of contracting to work for Glaxo and later to be sold to BUPA - piggy backed a London Office of third party or parties to impress Glaxo suits? And then The Real Hustle style dismantled the same and sodded off back to humble, real office?


Ms Humphrey Cushion said...

Or just link to the corrected version instead??

Daniel Hoffmann-Gill said...

Or tilt your head and make it all interactive?

Dirty Euro said...

Tories facts
1. They did not win a majority
2. This is a lower tory share of the vote than in 1974 February when the tpries lost the election.
3. The Labour Liberal vote was over 50&.
4. The tories have no mandate to govern.
5. The tories had the support of almost all the press.
6. The tories had more money to spend.
7. The tories formed an alliance with thew Ulster unionists. The Ulster unionists promptly went and won no seats for the first time in 100 years.
8. The tories were behind labour in Scotland, Ulster (SDLP beat Ulster unionists), London, the North east of England, Yorkshire and the Humber, the North West.

Tory mandate to govern. what load of BS.

Dirty Euro said...

So if the tories won. Why is Mr Cameron not PM. LOL LOL LOL
A ww tories biddens upset they want to claim they won. Spolied silver spoon bratts normally get everything they want. Awwwwwwwww Maybe Murdoch and Sun newspaper kiss them better make everyone think they won.
Impression of tories
If you don't let us claim we won, we will scream and scream and scream, till our faces go red.
Might work with nanny but not with grown ups.
Get over it spooiled brat tories you have no mandate to govern.

benchilltory said...

what utter tosh Dirty Euro.
The Tories gained more votes than mr Blair got in 2001.
41% of the votes in England were cast for the Tories.
In your socialist version of democracy is the party that won the most votes and seats not allowed to form a government ? Cameron should form a minority government and continue until its voted down in parliament then lets have another election.
History has shown us that Socialists have no truck with democracy only power for powers sake, go live in Zimbabwe where your politics are more suited.
lets hope your loser leader and the lib dems end up doing some dirty deal to cling on in power

benchilltory said...

oh i forgot to mention that Nadine was reelected, her vote increased by 5.8 %, her majority by 3.5%, her labour opponents vote fell by 7.7%, still socialist wont accept the will of the people will they ?
The blessed ,saintly,virtuous Nadine, a modern women for the 21st century.
shes no Hazel Blears

Dirty Euro said...

Benhilltory Utterly racist imperialistic drivel. This is not an English election, it is a UK election. So now under your logic ignore Wales, Scotland and Ulster they do not count, then you won by a massive landslide.
Fair enough lets ignore the blacks and the muslims, and gays too eh!
You won over 50% under that logic. I didn't look at it that way. Just dismiss any region of the country that did not vote for you as irrelevant. Awesome, real imperialist democracy just the sort of democracy you support.
I support democracy you support English imperialism.
Why not call for an invasion of the republic of Ireland, while your at it.
Get over it. To claim some irrelevant mathematical formula as justification to pretend you won is drivel.
18% OF PEOPLE ACCORDING TO AN ICM Poll support a tory minority government.
You have no mandate to govern on your own. 18 % support is not democracy.
You will be destroyed if you try such arrogance.
Ho ahead an make my day Punk!
Bring it on!

Ms Humphrey Cushion said...

No wonder Nadine was so keen to leave the hustings. Revelations today in the Times show that she still has many questions to answer. Today #twitterarmy has called for Nadine Dorries to be sacked and an immediate by election for Mid Bedfordshire to be held.

But, as usual.. the completely unbiased media have managed to ignore the whole story:

benchilltory said...

dirty euro
does your support worker help you type your posts

Anonymous said...

this is really interesting - thanks for creating this post