Friday, November 19, 2010

Rochdale Libdemology: Scraping the Fetid Barrel of Bad Behaviour and Poor Taste

STOP PRESS (added friday evening) - a sixth councillor of a previously Lib Dem flavour has boldly gone where so few Lib Dems have been before - principle and self-respect - and resigned from the Lib Dem group. Amazingly this is one of the crimper Cllr Greg Couzens's own team. Councillor Todd. As pictured below. A seventh councillor - who I would personally not touch with a proverbial is apparently negotiating for a "free" to Labour. There may be more.

STOP PRESS (added Saturday 8.00) Lib Dem Group and currently Council Leader Irene Davidson is now reported to be dealing with cancer rather than a merely "routine" kidney removal as the rebel Lib Dem cabal led by society crimper Gregory "no holds barred" Couzens attempted to give her the heave-ho. Not as nice as they make out these Lib Dems, are they?

So far the Manchester Lib Dem group have only lost one councillor to independence - Kenny Dobson (ring name "Dobby Dulux" in reference to his bright colour choices in boxing apparrel) - and they have been putting a brave face on the collossal loss of this veteran fighter and inveterate grafter. Are more to follow? Will there be a "Didsbury Declaration for Self Preservation"?

STOP PRESS (Sunday 22:43) Word is second de-selection may in fact be to allow the Old Etonian former Conservative defector William Hobhouse a clearer run at re-election, rather than to boost Angela Coric.

FIVE - count 'em - Rochdale Lib Dems are resigned to life in the self-imposed cold following a tumultuous meeting on Wednesday evening (17 November). Rochdale online has some of the details HERE. What Cyril Smith's favourite digital organ does not report:

  • Cllr Naim Mahmood and Councillor Doreen Brophy-Lee have been de-selected to create possibly safe seats - but who knows given national meltdown in Liberal democrat fortunes;
  • These are earmarked for the disgraceful former MP Paul "Banana" Rowen and for the former councillor Angela Coric who was herself only recently ousted in her very own night of the long knives;
  • Councillors Flynn, Flynn and Davison (Castleton, above celebrating) have around a half century of service to the people of Castleton in Liberal and Lib Dem colours. Pat Flynn alone has 30 years and has never seen the like of the current feral worms fighting over a corpse;
  • Charming hairdresser about town Cllr Greg Couzens, a rival along with expenses and contrived rent rascal Rowen to welly boot comedian manager Cllr Dale "Cricket" Mulgrew for the parliamentary candidacy, took the opportunity of Leader Irene Davidson's unfortunate confinement in the very poorly ward at the Infirmary, for a kidney removal and tests, to propose and lose a vote of no confidence in the poor woman's leadership;
  • Having lost five group members he may feel able to stage another night of the long twinkling scissors in a few weeks time.

  • Here's a taste of the situation - as reported by Rochdale Online _ from Cllr Pat Lynch, seen above with the Lynch mob hubby Ted and colleague Peter Davison (no relation):

    Councillor Pat Flynn added: “I am dismayed with the broken promises, especially by the deputy prime minister in relation to university tuition fees.
    “I am dismayed by the local leadership and I don’t like the direction the Lib Dems are going in.
    “I was quite upset last night but I feel happy about my decision now.”
    Councillor Pat Flynn said she understands there are more Liberal Democrat councillors who are considering resigning.
    “As you can imagine it was quite a bitter meeting,” said Pat Flynn, “I will now sit as an independent Councillor. I have always said my first concern is Castleton – not the Liberal Democrats.”

    The disgraceful would be demon barber Greg Couzens (rear) is pictured below with two of his models - Councillors Clegg and Todd (no relation) - loyal to the slithering parsel-tongued crimper. For the moment at least.

    Even without the often drunken Heywood slimeball David Hennigan - sacked by Paul Rowen over one intoxicating embarrassment too many - now working for John Leech and Manchester Lib Dems with an immediate visible effect on their by-election fortunes and horrid nastiness - Rochdale Lib Dems are capable of quite extraordinary chaotic lifestyles and self-destructive behaviour. Watch this space.


    Kingsway Eye said...

    Interesting times.

    Cllr Greg Couzens staging an attempted permy putch whilst the Leader of his Party in Rochdale Council is in hospital being treated for cancer.

    Classy Greg. Very dymamic and forward thinking.

    Waiting behind the curtains is the blushing "always the bridesmaid, never the bride" Paul Rowen. The cunning plan is to oust the sitting Lid Dem Kingsway Councillor so that he can be shoe-horned back into local politics with the future goal of getting his seat back as Rochdale's MP (instead of Rochdale Lib Dem PPC frontrunner Dale "There's More" Mulgrew.

    There is only once snag to all this sneeky plotting...

    ...the electorate.

    truthwillout said...

    Cue anonymous messages from Hennigan, Swarbrick, Heywood et al.

    Such a lovely bunch of people.

    Rowan obviously still hasn't got the message from the people of Rochdale.

    I may have some sympathy for the Flynns if they had resigned for the reasons they say. It is obvious that all Lib Dems are just in self survival mode and care more about their Cllrs expenses than their constituents

    Pea Dough File watch said...

    Nice photo of "conviction politican" John Heyworth in the photograph (Big glasses and 2 thumbs up, 4th from left, in the back)

    Is this really the same guy that 'sold' his Rochdale Council free parking permit?

    Is this the same upstanding citizen that has criminal records for sex crime and dishonesty?

    Snow White said...

    Are a couple more Rochdale Lib Dem councillors just about to jump?

    That would make seven.

    Dozey, Grumpy...

    All that is needed now is for Dave Hennigan to eat the apple...

    Anonymous said...

    at least the Labour Party in Rochdale wouldn't be stupid enough to welcome certain disgruntled Lib Dem councillors into their fold.

    Or would they be that stupid?

    Rochdale councillors are special said...

    Nice photo of Greg with a loose perm. But what is a Jimmy Crankey style dummy in a leather jacket doing in the picture?

    Anonymous said...

    perhaps Cllr Sharif should be put on probation for a trial period?

    Isn't that the only way to measure his potential conviction?

    Chris Paul said...

    Very mildly cryptic for a general audience these comments, and no Hennigan bile just yet. What can he say? Slag off six of his finest? Six who used to put their hands in their pockets to pay his wages before he got so embarrassing that even Rowen felt he had to let him go. But thankfully now landed on his feet and working for John Leech and Co in Manchester. Let's hope he doesn't embarrass them for too long before they let him go. He was going to go to Ibiza and to be fair that is not a bad plan from the boy.

    Anonymous said...

    Isn't it about time you ran another picture of the boy Hennigan cuddling vodka bottles or playing with his little Buddy? We've missed them.

    Yasmin Zalzala said...

    Anyone jumping ship from the Liberal Democrats, dont go to another national party such as Labour.

    Labour are just as bad as the Liberal Democrats.

    Stay independent and speak for the interest of the people rather than the national party

    Truthwillout said...

    Come on Chris, spill the beans, who is the seventh reprobate?

    Chris Paul said...

    Hopefully Truthwillout the seventh reprobate will not be accepted by Labour, or by the Tories (who might - nationally at least - be a better fit), and therefore will not jump ship, not for the time being at least. I'll take some soundings. Perhaps there are readers who are prepared to be less reticent than moi on this one?

    Up the Dale said...

    Dead right Yasmin. Independents are the future for Rochdale. We must make sure that idiots like Simon Dumfuk's "partner" are kept out of the Kingsway council seat and that useless "Surrender" Biant's wife don't win in Spotland.

    If that means that the Lib Dems get a chance to stay in power by splitting the left vote then so be it. Keeping Dale Mulgrew in his seat was a small price well paid as a result of Darren Pedleys magnificent stand to make sure Dumfuk's croney Stefan didn't win.

    tory boys never grow up said...

    "Cllr Greg Couzens staging an attempted permy putch whilst the Leader of his Party in Rochdale Council is in hospital being treated for cancer."

    Given the way Cyril behaved while Jack McCann was suffering from cancer, or to the cancer victims at T&N which doesn't this surprise me.

    Rochdale Rapper said...

    Look what has happened to the Rochdale Lib Dems since Cyril lost his firm grip.

    Dave Hen has said many times how Cyril made daily contact. The missives from Emma Street were infamous.

    With Cyril and Dave now gone the Rochdale Lib Dems are like headless chickens.

    60 years of political bullying, bribes and sexual abuse gone to waist.

    Anonymous said...

    The mystery name of the next potential mystery Lib Dem defector is Mohammad Sharif.

    There is much more to this particular defection that meets the eye.

    First of all, he isn't looking to go Independent. Some say that is becasue he is too gormless to be able to speak his own mind. His public statements have often been written for him, word for word, by Rochdale Council media unit and the RDA.

    But recently he publicly fell out with the RDA and called for them to be scrapped. Why? Did they do some thing to make him look stupid/bent/compromised?

    Was it something about Pathfinder and missing (tens of) millions?

    Is Inspector Knacker involved? Are the other Lib Dems trying to avoid him like a turd in a swimming pool?

    Is Bretty involved?
    How did the secret soundings go?

    Rochdale CLP need to have a gander at wikipedia under the heading "Trojan Horse". If he joined the Labour party it could destroy them!

    ...on the way to the forum... said...

    Rochdale Online's forum has a opinionated mystery contributor called "Imran Ali Khan". This contributor likes to stir things up and comes accross as a labour supporting muslim male.

    The thing is, he isn't.

    Agit Prop is old hat but stirring things up on Malcolm Porno-O's weak organ is an old trick.

    "Imran Ali Khan" seems well informed but he has made a couple of indiscretions that helps identify his true identity.

    Would Porn-O be so desperate as to create a mass debate for online advertising by using fake contributors? Comedy muslim agitators with the moniker of a Bollywood Z-lister?

    Malcolm Porn-O has form for creating fake contributors on Rochdale Online. He also has form for being a very naughty boy with Data Protection and privacy against those forum contributors that he feels threatened by.

    A sort of digital punch in belly to those who anger him.

    What would those publicly funded bodies who advertise on Rochdale Online think if it came out that fake muslim characters were voicing someone elses opinion on Porno-O's forum?

    Rochdale Council?
    Hopwood Hall?
    Kingsway Business Park?
    NHS Rochdale and Heywood?

    Do they really want to be associated with a website that has the 21st century digital equivalent of the black and white minstrel show? Vulgar stereotypes created by someone who should know better?

    Do publicly funded bodies want their advertising budget to be associated with someone who lashes out at vulnerable people?

    Get Real said...

    You were bang on Chris.

    The 7th dwarf to leave is Greg "The Hairdresser" Couzens. Though he is publicly giving the local Tories a miss for now.

    Ashley will be happy about that. He can get tacit support from ambitious, entrepreneurial Greg without the direct fear of a pair of crimping sheers stabbing him in the back.

    The turds may be revolting but Rochdale is still going down the pan.

    Lord Shafiq of Deeplish said...

    It's time for the Rochdale Lib Dems to stand fast. New talent can rescue the party. Someone with passion, energy, and drive who can unite the communities. Someone with two phones a blog and access to Sky news and Panorama but above all commonsense and humility.

    Truthwillout said...

    Check out Hennigans drunken comments on Rochdale Online 'This game of I spy should end, whatever has happened should end and elected councillor's abject treatment of Rochdale should end. I worked there for 6 years. Best councillor? Doreen Brophy-Lee!' is he finally getting a little humility?

    Anonymous said...

    Looks like another late night rambling has caught Paul Rowen out. He has attacked the Observer on its own website.

    Cheeky Paul is on thin ice. He is adamant that that he is NOT standing as a councillor in Kingsway or Heywood.

    He lambasts the Rochdale Observer for being "outsiders" and "inaccurate". Meeooow Paul. Go on son, scratch their eyes out.

    The Rochdale Observer would do well to respond to Paul Rowen's slur on their journalistic standards.

    Paul appears adamant. Its all wrong. Deselections have nowt to do with him and he's not standing.

    What about the recent sneeky shenighans in Littleborough Paul?

    Non-denial denials have a habit of biting cheeky scamps right on the arse. Especially when that arse is no longer covered by a master of the dark arts.

    Paul. You shafted Rochdale. You shafted your most loyal councillors. You shafted your most energetic, proactive and successful agent - the one that got you in and kept you in the paper. You abandoned him when he needed you most.

    Smell the coffee mate. Its OVER.

    Anonymous said...

    How can i ask you for more details? Great post needda know more...

    Snow White said...

    "Smell the coffee mate. Its OVER"

    Its white and powdery but its not Coffemate!