Monday, December 18, 2006

Green Day: "Too Yellow to be Green" Millionairess to Lead for Fibs on "International Affairs"

International affairs then for millionairess Lynne Featherstone, presumably starting with Lembit Opik and those Cheeky Girls and moving on to whatever international affairs come along next. Her first chance on the front bench. Remarkable really. Not because of her obvious talents. But because they seem to have three or four "front bench" spokes-people for each portfolio. Which means she must have been one-on-her-own in NOT having a post - before being assigned to hold the monster Lembit's allegedly internationally wandering hand(s). LoL understands that this is the first time any party has appointed a front bencher to deal with cross-border romances.

In a triumph for LoL's crack html team this shows Lynne's grasp of hypocrisy and/or stupidity with the link above describing her brave activity for the free parking 4x4 brigade and her other millionairess ways while the one below shows she's "down with the greens". Bonus is face time with Simon Hughes. Someone we don't see enough of these days.

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